[FORUMS] New 3rd Party Add-On Section

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce a new section on our forums labeled, “Third Party Addon Discussion.” We realized there are many amazing payware and freeware mods around, as well as many users who are hoping to discover mods to use for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This will help organize discussion surrounding base content vs. mods, and also help direct you to proper channels to see the latest updates for your favorite mods as well as where to go for bug reporting.

Category rules can be found here.

There is a new sub-category in this section called #third-party-addon-discussion:product-announcements. It is meant for those who are in the 3rd Party Development Group as well as those who wish to apply to be a Trusted 3rd Party Developer to gain posting privileges. If you are interested in posting your mod in this section, please apply here after reading through the criteria and rules carefully.

We hope this helps organize and better our community, and as always feel free to DM me or the mods if you have questions or suggestions!

How to Subscribe for topic notifications

We post notifications on the Official MSFS Discord in the #third-party-product-announcement channel.

Subscribe to Forum Notifications

  1. Navigate to the Product Announcements category
  2. Click on the bell icon and choose:
Option Notifications
Watching - New Topics
- Replies to the Topics
- If someone mentions your @name
Watching First Post - New Topics
- If someone mentions your @name

Caption: The notification settings button is highlighted in a red box .

Small Print

These addons are not vetted by MS/Asobo, may break your sim or cause other issues. Only download and install addons, from creators and websites that you trust


Jayne from MSFS Team