[READ FIRST] How to Post as an Addon Creator

How to apply for posting rights

Only Forum Staff, Third Party Developers (official partners), and approved trusted content developers can post in this category.

1. Meet the Criteria

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Note that “addons” herein may be referred to as “content” or “products”.

  • In order to apply, you must first be a Trust Level 1 Member. Please read more here.

  • Those who have the Third Party Developers tag are automatically approved to post here.

  • Your addon must fall within the listed Addon categories of Aircraft, Scenery, Airports or Tools/Utilities. If you feel your addon does not fall within these categories, please include the reasoning why within your application.

  • Your product must have a usable build for the public already. If you are still gearing up and are only in a conceptualization phase, your application will be on hold.

  • If your addon is listed as payware, it must have an official support source where users can clearly find assistance on your product. This can be Discord, Zendesk, website, social media so long as it is designated or has a designation for assistance for your product.

  • You must provide exact details on your addon, what it does and changes to the base game.

  • You must be in good standing within the community – incidents involving your addon, your previous releases, or your account may be taken into consideration during the application process.

  • Up to two users from your organization may have access to this role.

  • The community team reserves the right to revoke your third party developer group status, additionally, the community team reserves the right to remove your addon post or otherwise edit it. You will be notified of any edit to your post once submitted.

  • By submitting an application you agree that neither you, your company, nor your addons are endorsed by Microsoft, Asobo or their affiliates and unless explicitly permissible to do so will not claim otherwise

2. Apply here and fill out the required information.

How to Post Correctly

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The following rules apply to the third-party product announcement category and are in addition to the third-party addon discussion rules. If you are caught breaking these rules, your posting rights for this category will be terminated.

  • Use a topic title such as: [UPDATE xx] Mod Name | Organization name
  • Post only one topic per product, and do not include more than one product per topic
  • If you have a payware item, please make sure a link to where customers can go for feedback and support is clearly listed in the first post, whether it’s an email address, Discord, Forum, Website, etc.
  • If you wish to update users on a product (post news, patch notes or an update) post a new reply to your topic. This will trigger a notification for users who are tracking your topic
  • You are only allowed to create topics and post replies for your own products. Do not reply to other users’ topics
  • Store pages that you link to, and the forum topic must clearly label the product name, product category and creator
  • Remember, this section is for released products only. If you are in pre-development, please use the regular 3rd party sections.

Your topics can include pictures, and trailers but must comply with the code of conduct and must:

  • Use the tags (outlined below)
  • Not contain direct links to file downloads – Instead, link to a payware or freeware store page.

Required Tags

When posting a new topic in the announcements category you must apply one tag from each of the following categories:

Category Options
Cost ‘payware’ or ‘freeware’
Category ‘aircraft’, ‘airports’, ‘scenery-pack’ or ‘tools’
Creator We will create a tag for you if your application is approved

These tags help users filter for the content they are interested in.

Discord Announcement Integration

We create a notification on Discord for every new product announcement topic.

The announcement includes your forum name, avatar and a link to your profile, as well as your topic title and a description generated using the first two paragraphs in your post. You can use text formatting in your forum post, but it will be stripped in the Discord announcement.

Discord announcements are not created for product updates.

How to Subscribe for topic notifications

We post notifications on the Official MSFS Discord in the #third-party-product-announcement channel.

Subscribe to Forum Notifications

  1. Navigate to the Product Announcements category
  2. Click on the bell icon and choose:
Option Notifications
Watching - New Topics
- Replies to the Topics
- If someone mentions your @name
Watching First Post - New Topics
- If someone mentions your @name

Caption: The notification settings button is highlighted in a red box.

Small Print

These addons are not vetted by MS/Asobo, may break your sim or cause other issues. Only download and install addons, from creators and websites that you trust