Forward View, No Instrument Solution (Plus "Walkaround" for every plane ! )

Yes. Some people have it under “roaming”. Others under “local”.

Love these tricks for the cam but have you noticed that the pilot is invisible during cockpit mode. Otherwise perfect solution for wing cams!

As the interior of the plane are no longer in view (with all the complex glass instruments) does it make FPS ant better?

Thanks DizzyBasket7278

unfortunately not, they are behind you but still eating FPS
would be great to have a true front camera that performs like 3rd person view
however, the solution described here works really well

i recommend this mod, massive FPS improvement on some planes, helps in foward view as well

There’s this guide too

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This solution works well for my home cockpit but i would prefer Asobo to give us a proper one where we can still see rain on the windshield. Thanks for posting though. :+1:

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Would have thought it was fairly easy to do as well.

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You can keep the custom view just inside the cockpit (behind the screen) so you will see the rain effects.

I tried this but unfortunately it is no good for panning as you will still see the innside of the cockpit window surrounds etc.

We need a “proper” solution. (Please , Asobo)

As per instructions, I started a flight in the Bonanza, moved as far forward in cockpit view, saved view using Ctl/Alt/0 (tried it with other numbers as well) then exited sim. Found the file folder in the location you described, for the Bonanza, but the only cfg file in there is "state.cfg, no “camera.cfg” in there.

As if the custom views are not being saved. ??

Hey Roadspider.
I recorded this video showing the procedure and the result. My FS is from MSStore but I believe that the procedure is no different for other versions.
I don’t know which version you have but just look for the correct folder.
Sorry about my “caveman” English. I hope you understand.

Superb thanks. Now any way to add the HUD to this?

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I will watch and try again. Thank you very much for your very generous help.
Your English is much better than my Portuguese (I have performed music in Brazil (Natal) and was very glad I had Google Translate ! )

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Thanks man. HUD? hummmm hehehe (=lol), we can try…

Thanks buddy. I used to speak English with a little more fluency when I was an air force pilot and then, flying in commercial and business aviation. Nowadays I understand very well, I write a little carelessly and I speak very badly. It’s a lack of practice because I haven’t traveled for some years and I live on the coast, in a small town where I don’t know anyone who speaks English to practice. You got to know northern Brazil. It’s like another country. I live in the south and we even have snow around here. My state (Paraná) is called “the Brazilian Russia”. If I could help, I’m happy. Luck, health and success for all of us.

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It now works. Thank you.
However, it is “zoomed” much closer than if you were still sitting in the cockpit. You cannot see as much outside because it is zoomed in. What we really need is the same zoom level, the same view as the cockpit but without the cockpit showing. That is what the old “W” key did in FSX and FS9. I hope ASOBO will create this view.

No doubt. This solution is an alternative and it is not at all elegant. You learned a little Portuguese so you know that we say “gambiarra” or “Meia boca” or “jeitinho” for things like that. We can only hope that MS/ASOBO will create what every simulator already has: any key input for “scenario only” mode.

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This is such a great work around, that I created an account just to log in and say thank you. I’m using a 55" Curved Samsung, so my cameras.cfg had different values than yours. I modified the files a few times until I had it just right. With the 4k, it doesn’t look zoomed in too much. I can actually see so much better now. VFR flights are so much more enjoyable. I don’t even feel I need an official fix from Asobo for this anymore. I prefer it this way vs. the “W” option in FSX 2D mode. Seeing the nose of the plane with a tad of the dash gives a more immersivebfeel as you can still see the bobbing up and down from turbulence. Thanks again!

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I do not have a camera.cfg in the folder.

Any values for the 747 please?