FPS very low for my PC which is over recommended specs

Probably You have 4k resolution. Change it to 2K.

Don’t set anything… don’t let it optimise. You want vanilla… only later do you want to do anything other than default.

Nvidia GeForce experience will only lower your settings, with out you setting it.

Do that later once you have the frames.

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Can you please provide your monitors resolution. Hopefully you’re running 2k and not 4k.
The thing is turning down the graphic settings won’t really fix it as the airports are cpu heavy.Try to start reducing cpu settings like AI traffic.
I will say this again the sim has issues @ the handcrafted airports.
Not everyone here is entitled and own a 3090.

Sure you would KLGA is a generic airport.Not handcrafted and not much stuff going at LGA that would cause the sim to be limited by the mainthread. Lets put somewhere like LFPG into play.

50-55 fps there on the field and directly above.

Interesting what resolution,hard to believe anyone getting 50fps at Paris even on a 3090.Please provide a screenshot.I am referring to the main terminal in an airliner.

You seem the kind of guy that will never be satisfied with a person’s word. My monitor is 2k, but I upped my scale to render 4k to make you happy, and in your location.

My word of advise for this thread is simple, faster CPU and memory will make some difference. 4k on a 3090 is still slightly CPU bound.

Actually it is rendered in 4k, because I knew you would comment like that. Read the top right corner.

Hey you did what you have to move tf on! .Reduces his res to 2k.I wasn’t born yesterday. Shows you your 3090 is struggling in 4k with this sim

There is a good case for stating that there is no such thing as an over specified machine when it comes to flight simming! Haha.

So, with that in mind, think about your ‘poor’ performance in the light of the fact that there is always a bottleneck. The solution then becomes a ‘game’ of chase the bottleneck.

Obvious bottlenecks are:

The CPU.
The GPU.
The RAM.
The storage medium.
And even the sim software itself!

So how do we proceed? Well, use experience and or research [there is a lot of goodly advice in these very forums] to first locate your bottleneck. And if that turns out to be, for instance, the CPU or GPU well, often the only solution is to upgrade. But, a word of caution here, upgrading should be all about synergy. After all, only an idiot would put a jet engine in a mini [wouldn’t they?].

However, if you judge that the hardware is NOT the problem, then we are just left with the software. The sim software itself! And here [as I am sure you are aware] is where things can get very murky, very quickly.
My best advice? Simplify! Go back to first principals as it were! As has already been intimated, take your sim installation back to vanilla, reset all your settings to stock and remove any and all mods [at least temporarily]. Again, a bit of research on this forum should now help you to move forward.

And my final word! Do not take any advise [including mine] at face value. There are many purveyors of snake oil out there who will tell you with absolute conviction that they possess the miracle ‘fix’ that you need, when often, it doesn’t even exist!

I apologise for going on somewhat.
I hope it helps.


This is a great answer, and don’t forget to turn on dev mode as that can help you pinpoint your current bottleneck.

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Unlike your silly reply trying to flex your rig in the first comment wasn’t helpful just bragging rights and before you want to say I envy your rig saying you get 60fps or whatever doesn’t help the OP fix his issue. I may not have an adequate solution but I was at least trying to help. Get lost mate.
We don’t need your bragging rights here, save it for another thread.
Read through the forums a bit more several people are having this issue.Dont have this issue? Then shut up and move along.

Wow, you are really angry, lol.

lighten up francis


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Thanks everyone for all your help!

I am going to try your tips and see how I go!

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Just did some testing.

On the ground at KJFK, I was lucky to get 20fps. I was using default graphic settings, was not optimised by Nvidia and deleted all addons in my community folder.

I have also noticed that my GPU was only at 40-50% usage and my CPU was amazingly only at 20-40% usage!

I imagine this might be an optimisation issue as many others I’ve seen have had the same problem but it amazes me that I’ve seen 80fps achieved with a 1070ti and i7 when my PC should handle better but this seems to be a common issue.

Try this.it helped for me.
With all these windows updates; worth a try.

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This video may be of use. He does some windows and AMD specific things


I’m running a 5120 x 1440 49" monitor with a Ryzen 3700X and NVIDIA 2080 Super and 32 GB of RAM.

On the JFK landing challenge, I kid you not, it turns into a slideshow. Less than 5 FPS and it stutters wildly. I can’t do the challenge because as I near the runway the framerate tanks and I can’t control the aircraft. I have no idea what is going on.

I turned off NVIDIA GeForce Experience optimization, have the graphics quality set to “High End”, kept render scaling at 100, turned off AI traffic, have no mods or addons, and it’s still giving me single digit FPS especially near handcrafted airports. The dev FPS monitor says it’s GPU constrained but I’m not sure why it’s so bad especially since I see people with similar specs not having any issues at all.

I was looking at the RTX 3080 but I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t solve my problems.

You might want to review this post, it might help you (or not):