Fps with small planes

I noticed my FPs are great with small planes and not with A320…why?

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In short a lot more going on but screens and whatnot are different.

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System specs and MSFS settings used?

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i7 - 9700K , 32GB DDR4 , RTX 3070 OC Gaming , SSD M.2 NVMe 1TB , SSD M.2 1TB , Oculus Rift S

Mix , high , OFF , ultra…

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There are way more systems to simulate on big passenger planes.

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Nice PC.
Those frames are with VR, on a monitor, or does it not matter what you use?

FPS is likely impacted by needing more resources to render larger aircraft. Everyone talks about the screens but the fact of the matter is larger planes need more rendering which will affect fps moreso than the aircraft screens. The more polygons a model has to render the more your GPU has to use, which leads to lower fps. At least that is how it has always been explained to me.


Tubeliners are cpu heavy in the cockpit and the sim mainly relies on one core to do the work.
If you want an airliner with good performance get the CRJ it’s the best atm.


The airliners have nothing to do with gpu.
They are generally cpu heavy
When I upgraded my cpu I got much better performance in the airliners as compared to changing my gpu the fps was not improved in that case.


i will check it bro, i think i only can see without VR, but i will try now and i will post the screenshot

I will testing various environments…this is the first outside the cessna. Now im just flying these small planes untill A320 is fixed and improved

Charles de gaulle , as you can see the fps are around 40-50

Thanks for the info, it will help shine some light on things.

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Nice frame rates. You describe your settings as a mix of High “Off” and ultra.

What do you have turned off and would you mind documenting/screenshots of your other settings? These could be really helpful to a lot of users.

It didnt used to be like this before the WU3 fiasco. Airliners had the same FPS as GA. After the update it started to go down hill dramatically at least here. I honestly have to think its more of what the servers can send to you, then any aircraft models etc.

Same reason you dont have real supersonic flight yet, the servers cant feed you the needed data fast enough to draw a plausible world view.

Case in point, try flying the 320 at 220 knots, things are pretty close to the GA planes, but then push that speed to 300 knots, and you’ll notice that your FPS will steadily drop.

At least thats been my experience since I got it last Sept…

For me it’s always the glass cockpit screens. I can get 40-50 FPS in the Robin or Cessna 172, and 20-25 in the C208B or King Air 350i. Seriously frustrating. :roll_eyes:

Have you tried setting the glass cockpit settings to low or medium in the graphics config? That seems to help a bit also.

i will post here the photo

The problem come nearly only from instrument panel differences, not the geometry of the plane. E.g. take the different models of F-15 from DCS. Same plane, but some with steam gauge, and other with 3 screen panels (from memory). Steam gauge have high fps and far lower CPU and GPU usage, and I can play then in VR smoothly at 45fps locked. other ones need double in resources, and unplayable in VR, with less than 20fps. And when I say this, is also by comparing CPU and GPU usage precisely through monitoring tools, not only a feeling.

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Here is my settings

I have the same problem, in my experience its the screens on the airliners which cause the major performance drops. i get main thread limited from it and major stutters, i could get high FPS but the stutters make it feel like 10fps. more complex ones like the 787 are even worse.

Turning down glass cockpit refresh rate will help a little, other than that i don’t know what else we can do other than hope DX12 helps.

You could try the PMP freeware airbuses, the 321 especially. they’re a little buggy but don’t seem to have these issues.

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