Framerate drops rapidly every 10 seconds or so including Homepage

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Frames drop rapidly every 10 seconds or so.

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1, Tried online and offline and different servers, no change

2, Nothing in the Comm folder

3, In Task Manager nothing using any more than 1% of CPU, Memory, Disk, or network

4, Just updated to Windows 11 and Nvidia Latest Drivers

5, No Flight sim controls are plugged in.

6, The Sim is just running on the homepage and the " Limited by main thread is kicking in at least every 10 secs, with sometimes 3 quick drops in framerates in a couple of seconds.

7, Performance
CPU 14% on the homepage

Memory 8.9 out of 31.9  (28%)

All disks 0%

Ethernet 8 to 32 Kpbs  

GPU at 100% @ 70c

8, switched off everything in the running in start menu …no change

9, switched off Multiplayer/Live Traffic/ Weather and Time

10, Data Connections / Data connections
… all switched off …no change

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

Window 11 pro 64
Thrustmaster Airbus SideStick & 2 Lever Quadrant
Ryzen 7 3700X
Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (DDR4-3200)
Gigabyte 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe
Gigabyte B550 AORUS ELITE
MSI Optix 3440 x 1440

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

3 weeks ago on latest version, then I updated to Windows 11 pro 64

P.S. running other sims and Zero problems, as steady as a rock.

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Open task manager, perfomance. Is there any correspondent activity shown for cpu, memory, disc, ethernet or gpu? Perhaps an app or a windows resourse, is kicking in to save, check, update etc.

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Hi ccrbc
Looked in there but found very little activity, but I did find a problem in Device manager, where the window contents is flashing off and on as if it’s refreshing at a simular rate as my framedrops… yet to confirm that but will check later today. Others say this Flickering problem is USB related so will test for that.


I think your on the right track. Usb good place to start.
Thoughts/Ideas…look through your Power Management Advanced settings too. 10 minutes is a common time setting for things like sleep, display off, screen saver, usb, hhd power, ect.
Also things like antivirus checking for updates.

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Make sure you get the correct chipset drivers as well. I would reinstall those if you have recently gone from from Windows 10 to 11.

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Removed all non-essential programs and did a clean-out of all Nvidia drivers using DDU. unplugged all UBS hardware, including a USB hub. It seems that the flickering has stopped, so fingers crossed.
Going to check out the chipset drivers today.

P.S. the problem returned but I found a fix that stopped it immediately.

If you have the “refreshing problem” in device manager, To Fix it, you disable the SSDP Discovery Service, and the problem goes away. Maybe not a solution more of a workaround until Microsoft waken up ( Thanks to CharlesHanson2 on the Answers. Microsoft website)

Path to SSDP Service
Right-click the Start button / click on Computer Management / Services and Applications / services / SSDP Discovery ( Bottom of the list click on standard ) then Double-click the SSDP discovery service to open its properties / Disable and save. The " Flickering Device Manager " stopped immediately.