Frankfurt (EDDF), Germany: Trees before runway 25R


does anyone else see trees right before the runway at eddf 25r?

Thanks for checking.

yep got it too

On the other side for ILS 07L too.

I’ve been encountering a number of approaches with trees right before the end of the runway like that. Even going into PDX on the glideslope at night I could see the tops of them pretty close as I was getting ready to touch down. Kind of scary for us guys that fly a t night.

Trees on the runway threshold is a problem everywhere. There are so many runways where you have to dodge trees on a very short final. While this may occur in the real world at a very few airports, it is very unrealistic for the majority of airports. The problem is that the method Asobo uses to generate tree cover doesn’t differentiate between trees and bushes.

The funny thing is this even occurs at hand crafted airports like Sydney YSSY, where you fly between the trees on short final to runway 16L. Larger aircraft like the 747 actually brush the trees with their wingtips on either side.

As tree coverage is auto generated, it would be fairly simple for Asobo to limit trees near runways. Trees should be removed immediately near the runway ends and sides and limited in height for a short distance out. So here we are 12 months in and still have trees obscuring runways. In the real world airport authorities removes trees on short final, Asobo need to do the same thing. Fixing this general problem would fix the EDDF problem.

You’d certainly get my vote if this was a bug about trees near runways, rather than just EDDF. Unfortunately fixing individual trees at individual airports is a bandaid approach to the problem, and just as likely to be undone by a future update.


If the runway has a displaced threshold then it is probably realistic because many airports do have trees near the runway. If it doesn’t have a displaced threshold then it may not be realistic.

It could be that the trees are realistic but the runway in the sim doesn’t have a displaced threshold so there is more than one possible issue here.

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It is not realistic, displaced thresholds because of trees is really rare as trees are easily removable in real life, maybe if trees were on a protected piece of land, but that close to the runway at an airport like Frankfurt Main is something that would never happen.

This is a common issue in this simulator, pretty bad too, as there are a lot of airports that have massive trees or even small forests between runways and protruding into the protected areas. I don’t exactly know if this is an AI issue or autogen, but is something that should be fixed along with the other game-breaking bugs.


THis was introduced with WU6 at a number of airports, might have to do with an elevation data bug that renders exclusion zones useless thus making this an issue in specially payware airports. I have it in Copenhagen airport (payware msfs partner dev). Logged the bug but obviously not been fixed with the lastest patch… Really bad customer care imo and should raise flags with any serious 3rd party dev that relies on selling add ons for a stable product.

One of my favourite airports NZMF suddenly has tall trees on the threshold of Rwy 11 after WU6. Pretty annoying as one ends up on the middle of the rwy at touchdown to avoid the trees risking an overshoot. Is ASOBO/MS doing something about this?

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Haven’t heard anything, opened a zendesc ticket but don’t expect them to fix it anytime soon. Personally considering going through they hassle of fixing it myself with exclusion zones in the sdk

EGGP aswell

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what is zendesk?

Bug reporting system. Use it for any problems you find.

Ever since WU6, there are trees directly in front of 25R and scattered around along the entire runway. This was my favorite arrival runway at Frankfurt but I avoid it now so I would really appreciate if this is fixed!

I havent updated to the most recent update from yesterday. But heard from people that the trees are still there even that my Zendesk ticket was marked as solved. I will update my sim this weekend and check. If the rumours are correct then i will get in touch with Chuck Norris and send him to Asobo HQ.

I just want to dogpile onto this topic because it’s a huge peeve of mine in MSFS. :slightly_smiling_face:
Needs to be addressed. Almost every small airport near me has tall trees unrealistically in flight path that would be cut down IRL. An example is KBUY Burlington NC. In MSFS, tall trees between Interstate 40 and beginning of runway. IRL it’s mostly scrub and shrub.

i can not believe, that this isnt logged yet.

This is a problem with several bush strips, making some unlandable (unless you’re really skilled).
Yesterday had the same issue at Guwasa, PNG. As the strip is so short the trees fully block the normal approach path.

This has been a problem since the beginning, and actually got worse recently, where some airstrips were fine before, now suddenly have tall trees on the threshold, such as LSVE (and when the airstrip is less than 1000ft long, like LSVE, you can see why this becomes quite an issue).

I’m frankly getting increasingly frustrated at Asobo/Microsoft over this. There are numerous scenery issues that are so blatantly bugged and immersion-breaking, which might be understandable when the game was initially released, but we are now almost one and a half years after that, and they still have not addressed them. Examples:

  1. Trees on approach path - as discussed, any airstrip/airport would cut down trees near the approach path (I could even give a specific definition - any obstruction higher than a 2 degree line starting from the runway threshold (not the touchdown zone, but the actual end of the runway), is unacceptable, unless the airstrip is abandoned/closed. Should be easy to code into the auto-generated foliage. Why has this not been done?

  2. Behavior of ramp personnel - They behave like they were programmed in the 1990s. Walking through your airplane, wings, even spinning propellers. And of course they don’t get out of your way once you are ready to taxi - you just have to run them over (the blood and guts flying when your engines eat a ramp rat would also be fun, but that’s a whole other request ;-P). Other flight sim programs are far, far better, and this is a problem EVERYONE sees, as soon as they go for their first flight, and every flight thereafter. Why is this not a top priority?

  3. Basic functionality of propeller planes is still non-functional. For piston aircraft, the relation between mixture and your head/exhaust temps are rudimentary at best, non-existent at worst (depends on the aircraft), although they still affect performance - so it’s a complete guessing game whether you have the optimum mixture or not, and it shouldn’t be. Turboprop condition settings have similar issues. For MSFS which prides itself on GA realism, this should have been a top priority.

Seriously, if these issues are not addressed very soon, I can foresee myself abandoning MSFS as soon as X-Plane 12 comes out.

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So they worked on this since the last update but the trees are only smaller now. What the hell are they doing?

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