[Free/Professional] Merril C. Meigs Field (KCGX) - Meigs is back! [Update 2.3 out now]

Meigs Field… No need to explain the nostalgic importance of this airfield… Remember those good old days again with this full recreation of Meigs Field!

Take off again from runway 36 and see the Chicago buildings landscape in the background, just like 20 years ago :wink:

Or simply enjoy this magnificent field to plan your trips around Chicago.

  • Custom Terminal building, with handmade interiors, full night lighting and hyper-realistic PBR materials (only Pro Version).
  • Custom handmade Control Tower and custom hangar with interiors to spawn from it (Only Pro version).
  • Full rework of airport entrance and parking areas (only Pro Version).
  • Historically accurate runway and, taxiways and parking areas.
  • Full night lighting.
  • Full ATC functionality.
  • VASI22 (historically accurate).
  • Ground services such as push-backs and fuel refueling.
  • Complete remake of the bay and docks by the side of the airport.
  • An much more!

Video by AusFlight360


Note from the author:

Developing this airport has taken me more than 150 hours of hard work for now (no kidding)… mostly working on weekends, spare time and at nights after work (and it almost ends with my marriage LOL!).

For this reason, and at least to cover the minimal costs of this enormous work and support development, I have decided to create a “Pro-Version” further to the Free version (which will still be available).

The main difference between both is that the Pro-Version includes (and will include) all the functional buildings of the airport handmade and with custom interiors created out of actual pictures and other reference material, making the most realistic Meigs Field add-on for Flight Simulator up to date.

My intention is to create a very high quality professional product up to today standards for an affordable price.

An airport that you can consider your Home Airport within Flight Simulator.

You can get both versions here:


  • Final Pro version (2.1) has been released. I will keep a discount for a couple of days for the people of the forum :wink:

  • Free version has also been updated to v.1.5 (see changelog below).

Install instructions

  1. Remove any previous installation on the “community” folder.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Copy the folder included on the .ZIP file on "C:\Users[YOUR_USER_NAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community".
  4. Enjoy

Free Version 1.5

  • Solved a problem affecting some users where the airport needs to be reinstalled after each FS update.
  • Added new light poles to improve night lighting.
  • Improved runway, painted lines and apron textures.

Airport Charts::

Official Support: meigsfieldcontact@gmail.com

Thank you!!!


Hi guys! Due to new forum rules, I´ve become a Trusted 3rd Party Developer and decided to create this new thread for the Meigs Field addon general discussion, news and updates (as long as with the thread at the announcements section).

Thanks a lot to all the Admins on this site, who have helped a lot and are doing an outstanding work for the community here.

Important regarding Support issues: I have just set up a contact email for support issues (see at the end of the first post). Using this forums as a support platform is against the forum policy and may lead to closing the post so please, if you have any support issue, use the provided email.

Anything than Support issues, feel free to comment!!


Thanks. Already have you pro version and I’m happy with it.
However … I think to make the whole airport a little more immersive you could maybe add a few more objects, people and improve the marina a little more. The marina is half empty and still has sunken boats in it. There are practically no boats sailing on the lake and there are no people in the marina, the car park and the terminal. So it all has a slightly deserted feel to it.
Part of this is probably due to time. Since you released your Meigs Field many libraries with additional objects, vehicles, static aircraft, people and even animals have become available, and other developers have made use of them (check for example St. Johann LOIJ by Sven Schill on flightsim.to)
So anything you can do would be highly appreciated and certainly would also convince some more people to buy the pro version.

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Thanks a lot for your comment. Indeed I´m still working to improve it adding more scenery/functionalities. My goal since the start was not to overcrowd it (since the airport is already close to a big photogrammetry city, and have to be careful not to impact FPS excessively). However, still a lot can (and will) be added. In a couple of days I will release news regarding the upcoming update :wink:

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Great. Looking forward to it :hugs:

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Thanks so much! Just got myself the Pro version last night. I don’t usually go for add-on airfields but this location is so nostalgic for flight simmers of my generation :slight_smile: Also have very fond memories of visiting the Windy City and dragging the folks I was with to watch the planes at Meigs long before it was vandalized!

This is a lovely add on. Thank-you.

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Hi Guillermo and All,

I have the Pro version and I’m highly delighted with the quality of scenery thank you Guillermo and looking forward to any update and future projects you have.

I would ask if anybody is using Meigs Field in Air Hauler 2, as I have tried but it doesn’t show up even after doing a update of airports with AH2 …it works perfectly in MSFS20 and other addon I have like Little Nav Map … anybody else managed to add it to AH2 ? Any advice most appreciated
Thanks again
Ex Tenebris

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Great add on, and good job with the pro version. I just got it and being a native of Chicago I remember this airport all through my life and sadly it’s demise. This is a great representation and a nice tribute to one of the original MSFM airports. I look forward to future updates.

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I´m afraid I cannot tell since it seems an issue related to AH2… Maybe its developers can have a look at it


Many thanks!

Hi Guillermo,

Thanks once again for a great product Meigs Field
Yes I have spoken with Slopey the AH2 developer as well it may be a problem with their installer anyhow it’s working in MSFS and it’s great
Thanks again
Ex Tenebris

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Hey there! Going to purchase this when I get home from work tonight. One question, is it compatible with the updated Chicago downtown scenery by Drzewiecki?

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“Usually” it is, some people have experienced some issues sometimes but for most people both work fine. I’ll be releasing a new version soon to make it more compatible

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@ual763 It is compatible, I have both mods


Awesome! I got it last night from simmarket. It is a great scenery. Can’t wait to see it flourish even further. @GuillermoZS6037 are there any plans to eventually add the fire station complex south of the tower? Or maybe the Burnham Park Yacht Club? These buildings are still there in real life for reference photos.

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I’m working right now in the next update, which consist of a remake of the Bay Area with something new yet to be announced :wink:


I’m confused! Maybe anyone can help?
My graphics are very different from the pictures of Guillermo.

I have an 1080ti with ultra settings in MSFS and bought the Pro Version (zip is 123MB)
I would be happy if there was a logical solution :slight_smile:

These are my differences:
My graphics:

Graphics from Guillermo:

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Hi @Relomaluki, that indeed looks quite strange. Seems like the shaders are not being loaded properly.

Please, due to forum rules we cannot discuss support issues here. Drop me an email to meigsfieldcontact@gmail.com and will help you out!


You must have Live Weather set to on and there is snow on the ground. I just tried and had same results. I turned off live weather and the floor tiles are now proper color. Seems the floor is covered by snow.


Thanks for the reply! Indeed, seems the game engine does not recognize inside/outside of buildings yet. Hopefully they implement it in future updates since more and more developers are implementing buildings and hangar interiors

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