[Free/Professional] Merril C. Meigs Field (KCGX) - Meigs is back! [Update 2.3 out now]

Thanks for the quick reply!
I have solved the problem due to your hint regarding the shaders. I have choosen the repair option in the microsoft windows settings for the microsoft flight simulator. Since this time your wonderful airport artwork is looking like it has to be!
Thanks a lot for your brilliant airport reconstruction!

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Hi, I’m now experiencing a failure to load the Meigs Pro version now that I’ve installed the marketplace Drzewiecki Chicago Landmarks. I haven’t used Meigs recently, so I can’t say for sure it is related to now buying the Chicago landmarks, but Meigs was working at one point for me, so I suspect it is related.
Anyone have a suggestion or idea?

[EDIT: after downloading and installing the new Ver 2.2 update, Meigs is now back, along with the Chicago Landmarks. Not sure if anything else changed, but all good now]

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Update 2.2 is out now guys!

Version 2.2:

  • Full remake and expansion of the bay area and docks, including custom night lighting and signals, to create a water strip.
  • Improved terminal lighting (dimmed front facade to improve interior visibility).
  • Corrected a problem where planes and personnel appeared on the top of the hangar.
  • Improved compatibility with DD Chicago Landmarks addon (third party) v.1.2.0 (actual marketplace version).

For those who purchased at the Official Website, you should have now received an email with the download links (please, check your spam folder in case you don’t find it).

For those who purchased at SimMarket, you should have received an email and the update should be ready to download in your SimMarket account.

Free version has also been updated to Version 1.6, to improve the bay area and compatibility with DD Landmarks addon (v 1.2.0) - download link on the Official Website.

Regarding DD Chicago Landmarks Compatibility: As you can see in the picture above, this version of Meigs (Pro 2.2 and Free 1.6) is compatible with the actual version of DD Landmarks (1.2.0). However, since this is a third party product, subject to its own updates and each system is different, I cannot guarantee some of you will not have any compatibility issues. In case the DD Chicago Landmarks addon is further updated in the future, I will continue to keep Meigs as compatible as possible.

In case you have any problem, drop me an email to meigsfieldcontact@gmail.com.


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And one more thing :wink:

This update is not even by far the latest… as you can see on this one, there is a water strip on the bay for what is coming in a couple of weeks for the next update…

Start practicing those water landings :wink:


Thank you for the update. I checked it out and it is great.

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I bought KCGX in January, but I didn’t receive a mail with link for the latest version. Can you look into your mailbox please and send me the information?
Thanks Kai

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Hi Kai, resent it to you now!

Just got it, thanks a lot!

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Hi Guillermo, Just wanted to drop in and thank you for the fixes, especially the terminal night lighting. Looks very natural now. Thanks a bunch and keep up the great work. Your Meigs is awesome.

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I had all kinds of problems getting the Pro package to work with the DD Chicago landmarks package. I had a much taller tower imposed on the addon one, and all of the buildings other than the tower building, were missing. No hangers or terminal. No boats in the bay. Trees in the ramp and taxways.

However, the freeware version worked fine.

I went through several iterations of installing, deinstalling, the DD and Meigs addons… different sequences… to no avail.

Finally, somewhere, I found a tip about checking the ‘packages>>MS.FS_8wek>>localcache>>content.xml’ file to ensure that addon scenery paths were correct… and to ensure addon scenery was added lower, or later in the file.

I found a problem in the file. There were three instances of the Meigs addon, two old freeware and the pro versions and the entry for the Pro version was higher up than the freeware ones.

I deleted the freeware entries and moved the pro entry to the very last line, and now the Meigs Pro addon loads and looks just fine with the DD Chicago landmarks addon.

I’m a happy boy now!

My first flight in MS FS was out of Meigs back in the fall of 1985 on a old compaq luggable.

Thanks for the great product, love ti!

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Thanks a lot for sharing the tip @DamdBullDog the cache issues in the game are generally the main problem.

Also (for any other having problems of compatibility with the DD Chicago Landmarks) try just replacing the initial “z” for an “a” in the Meigs addon folder name (ie “a_meigsfield(…)”. This has solved all the issues for the people experiencing problems of this type.

In case of any other problems, drop an email to: meigsfieldcontact@gmail.com


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Very beautiful scenery!! Will this professional edition be also available in in-game Marketplace?


I would love to! I applied to the Marketplace a couple of months ago but it’s a very slow process it seems


I have read on the forums that each asset has an exclusion box that makes it unaffected by the outside environment. The same goes for planes (some developers did not notice that feature and you can see rain inside the cockpit). I do not see indoors snow in the great majority of airports including freeware ones that have either hangar interiors or terminal interiors.

Anyway, great scenery. Looks beautiful. I will be getting it soon.

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Thanks a lot for the tip. Will definitely check it out. :+1:

I am no longer showing kcgx in fs2020 after the update. Help? It doesn’t come up under departure airport.

I’ll check tonight. Mine works fine with the update. Please drop an email to meigsfieldcontact@gmail.com (sorry, forum rules don’t allow support issues here).


I installed it today first time, and love it. This is a brilliant addon Airport. Thanks a lot for this. Landing and starting at Meigs Field makes me feeling 20 years younger…

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THANKS so much for this

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This is the first mod I installed for msfs2020, and I absolutely love it as I’ve already said a few times in this thread. Recently I started learning and working on IFR flying and specifically ILS landings. I looked up some old charts and found that runway 36 had an ILS approach on frequency 109.90. I don’t know if its even possible with third party airports, but if there is a way to add that into your mod, that would be awesome!

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