[FREE Scenery] Greater Toronto Area Enhancement Pack

I’ve created a free expansion scenery for Toronto area - from a new CN Tower that now doesn’t look like a pyramid from a distance and has night lighting and strobes and down to the hand-modeleld TTC and Canada Coach buses. It has several important areas that are not covered by default photogrammetry and are very distinguishable in IFR approaches to CYYZ Pearson or VFR to CYTZ and general flying around the area:

  • CN Tower - improved detailed model, realistic night lighting, red and white strobes
  • Bloor One building (missing in default photogrammetry)
  • Midtown highrise area
  • North York - Younge street highrise area
  • Humber Bay Shores , Humber Bay Arch Bridge
  • Mississauga Downtown , Square One mall
  • Humber river “aqueduct” ridge terrain fix
  • Oakville Downtown , lighthouse with beacon
  • Oakville Trafalgar Hospital with helipad and surrounding area
  • Downsview Airport CYZD enhancement - cars, buildings, objects etc.
  • Wilson Subway Station with custom modeled TTC Buses
  • Yorkdale Mall
  • Burlington Executive Airport CZBA enhancement - photogrammetry, cars, buildings, objects etc.
  • Buttonville CYKZ enhancements - cars, buildings, objects etc.
  • Cathedral of the Transfiguration, Cathedraltown
  • Radio towers with beacons in Missisauga/Oakville areas
  • Scarborough City Centre
  • Canada’s Wonderland
  • Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
  • Exhibition place animated Windmill with flashing night beacon

Enjoy, and let me know fi you like it!


Hi sir, are the 3D models extracted from Bing or Google? in that case, are the models optimized mesh-wise?

You did a great job there Roman! congrats for that hard work and thanks for sharing it

Buses are hand-modelled. Photogrammetry extracted from Google, all areas are created in 3 LOD levels, so it’s optimized as much as possible. All textures are color-corrected for blue channel, brightness and contrast adjustments to match surrounding autogen as much as possible.

There is some FPS hit, as with all similar sceneries, but considering the size, it’s as little as can reasonably be expected.


Thanks for that extra information!

Sure, no problem!

Coach Canada buses, but not GO buses? As a driver, I feel left out…lol!

Can’t wait to download this when I get home!

I’ve been enjoying this pack even though I prefer to fly the other side of the country.

Sort of like a Glasgow-Edinburgh thing!

Yes, somehow I didn’t think of Go buses… Maybe in the next update. The reason is simple: I wanted a bus that I can place outside ot Toronto proper - in Mississauga or Oakville or north or at Niagara Falls (my other scenery) etc. And painting textures and compiling models is time-consuming, so I just did one ubuquitous company that I can use anywhere.

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Lol those are all places the GO bus goes! But I totally understand, and really appreciate the effort!

LOL, I don’t know why didn’t I think of that… But I will add that to my list for the next update. Now I definitely want to do it. I also know how to do color-changing lights now (did them for niagara pack) so will do this for he CN Tower. If there is anough interest for the scenery of course…


Yes of course there is!! Go go go…

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Just repaint the Coach Canada buses. We don’t like the double deckers anyway :wink:

Sure, I definitely won’t do a whole new model. I use a coach bus model for Coach Canada, so I will need to repaint it ans redo the textured for a new copy of the model, then seed them throughout GTA. Mostly on Go stations and major stops. Those buses can’t actually move, so they are stationary models, so placing them on highways would look weird. I placed TTC buses at some intersections, where they would look OK like stopped at the traffic lights or picking up passangers. But Go buses would not look realistic only at their designated stations I guess…

There are a few places they tend to collect which are realistic, many where you already listed above. These spots are in your update area (again, can’t wait to get home…) and on Bing satellite you can see GO buses parked there. In the case of Union Station, MSFS already renders them in 3d from the photogrammetry!

-Square One (Station Gate Rd) in Mississauga
-Union Station Bus Terminal (Downton TO)
-Finch GO bus terminal (North York)
-Oakville GO
-Yorkdale Bus Terminal

Thanks, will do that when I get to adding the buses.
I’ve actually painted the model already. Couldn’t resist the temptation:

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