Freelook with mouse causes controls to freeze after SU5

In the live stream a few months back the Devs mentioned that they knew about it and it was as a consequence of all the changes made in SU5 for Xbox. I.e it was known and an intentional decision to press ahead to accommodate Xbox with a fix later.

To that end it probably isn’t an easy fix since it is not a case of reverting to the SU5 way of doing it - they probably need to design a new way…

It sucks, but SU5 in general sucked. We still have to deal with huge text on the tool tip hover which was another Xbox concession.

As are many other things, sadly.

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@Asobo This really needs fixing. I can’t take the chance of purchasing the RENO Racing DLC if this problem isn’t resolved. Maybe it’s my way of flying, but not having the ability to look around while controlling an aircraft makes this a serious issue. This problem is ongoing for almost a year (as seen by all the posts above). PLEASE FIX THIS!

This really does need fixing

please fix that bug. inpossible to fly when i cant see where i like to go.

Just created an account to write here, try using instrument view 9 as your default view, like unbind ‘reset view’ then bind ‘instrument view 9’ to whatever button you were using for your main view previously. Found this solution on steam thread on alike problem.

Im shocked this wasnt fixed yet, im not sure what they are doing, they said they flagged the bug… Its all lies, its the small things that make a big problem, I dont think its that hard to fix this.

I am not sure what you’re describing I do. I see that if I go into instrument view 9 I can use FREELOOK and still have control input. The moment transition the view to the front facing position, then bind it to one of my ALT + # it goes back to the frozen input as I freelook.

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It seem’s that this problem occurs with the saved custom views if the default instrument positions do not have this silly bug.

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This is never going to get fixed. The latest development update claims they “Fixed it” in SU9. It’s clearly not fixed.


This is disappointing. It’s the same with the distorted fisheye external view, and both were “fixed” in SU9. Clearly they weren’t.

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I really would feel better if someone from Asobo would acknowledge this. Give us something….


Yeah, at what point does the whole “it’s a new sim” excuse lose its credibility? Two years in and hardly any of these user-experience problems on this forum have been fixed.

For as great as many things as there are about this sim, I am just dumbfounded by Asobo’s priorities.

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Sim is awful, they don’t care about PC users who really wanna use this thing properly…

We are now a few short weeks away from this bugs 1st anniversary.

I hope Asobo have a special list for bugs that have been around this long, or longer, and intend to reverse these at some point. I cannot believe this is a hard one to fix. It was working just fine until SU5 was released. Is the code that tightly interwoven with the console release that this cannot be unpicked? Surely not.

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Cant believe this hasnt been fixed yet.