Freelook with mouse causes controls to freeze after SU5

This is my main issue at the moment (the list is sadly growing) and it’s definitely a step backwards in terms of cockpit flows and realism. It’s so annoying when taxiing to have to look, then let go of right-click then put in rudder, then right-click and look, then…AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHGHGHGHG!! :dizzy_face:


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Holding right mouse button to free-look in the VC freezes all control inputs in place. Ex: If I have left rudder input and hold right mouse to look around, that aileron input gets locked in and won’t be released until after I release mouse AND move controls again. Especially annoying during taxi.
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all cases where mouse freelook is active
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Sim Update 5
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MS Store
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Really need this fixed, one of the only things stopping me flying right now :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


This bug (or awful feature) is really annoying. They seem to improve one or two things with every update and break a dozen other things. This update has provided no end of disappointment so far.


Same here. I’ve flown daily until now. It’s too hard to fly when you can’t control a plane.


Does any of this resolve the issue? Perhaps swapping from locked to legacy?

Same here,is it only us with this problem?

same here its really annoying

This bug annoys me because I like to do VFR sightseeing flying, which should be one of the most emphasized feature of FS2020.
When doing stuff like circling some interesting POIs or turning into a tricky runway, I always use the RMB to quickly look at my target while still maintaining control to point my aircraft correctly. I’m really not a big fan of middle-click toggle because it requires TWO clicks, and often cause some unwanted scrolling action (sometimes over some knob…). This bug took a great deal of joy from the VFR flying, please fix that Asobo.


Hello I confirm the same issue

Hello I have the same issue

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me too! Im not even opening the game because of it!


same here. renders the sim not flyable for me.

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this is serious…you can not start the plane with the controller and activate the auto pilot by mouse anymore - woot? As soon as you press the controller stick the mouse pointer disappears…

Furthermore somehow the view gets stuck and you can’t use RMB to look around.

Game is unplayable


10000% unplayable. Been dayyyys since the release I was so hyped about. How on earth are “some” people playing I keep asking myself…

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A little bit hyperbolic are we?

I get this too, it’s annoying but I’m getting used to middle clicking to toggle until they fix it.
I’d recommend everyone unbind the cockpit freelook off right click to prevent accidental locking out your controls. I know I keep doing it then suddenly getting max yoke / rudder deflection :smiley:
I hope someone has logged this via Zendesk?

Looks like this is not going to be fixed with the hotfix today… They didn’t even mention it in the development update.

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I won’t be using this sim if that’s the case. Will try and see what happens later today

Yeah… I guess go play some other games until they fix this. Looks like it’s not even on their radar yet.

Anyone find a fix for this?