[Freeware Airport] AYYZ - Yambaitok Aistrip in Papua New Guinea

This is Yambaitok Aistrip in Papua New Guinea.It is not a new airport in MSFS2020.

This is a YouTuber I enjoy watching.
I was inspired by where he landed. But MSFS2020 is missing this airport.
I tried to implement the details in the video.

I hope you enjoy it.
-There may be updates.
We’ll notify you if we update it.



Extremely nice, I will get it as soon as I get the sim.

Two questions :

  • did you make the strip terrain or was it already here and you only had to add the shacks , bags , boxes , poles

  • and for the latter did you use the autogen or did you design your own

Sorry to be so curious but I have made a couple of PNG sceneries in P3D and will look into that in MSF.

By the way, you may want to post it in the Avsim library to get more exposure.

It’s a picture before I work on it’s a picture.

  1. The strip terrain is slightly modified (slope, dust, etc.)
  2. I used the autogen here.
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Thanks. Has the sim a friendly module like Instant Scenery 3 to move and place objects in-game ?

Awesome, Thank you very much! I was doing trips in PNG in the last days (something I wanted to do in FSX back then, but it was a pretty barren place). There are a lot of awesome spots in PNG and your Airfield looks really beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:

This is awesome. If you need inspiration, here are a few that could use some tarting up :slight_smile:
PNG Airstrips in MSFS

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Nice work there. Have you done any other strips in PNG as I’m really into flying to these fantastic locations at the moment.

Amazing work! I too have watched a lot of MBP’s videos and was hoping for some good PNG scenery for FS2020! Somebody also made a C208 skin inspired by the paint job of his Kodiak:

Hope this is not the last PNG related item we see from you :slight_smile:

Happy landings!

Very nice. Big fan if the Missionary Pilot and this looks amazing!