Freeware Bushstrip - Quatam River - British Columbia, Canada

Free airfield I did tonight learning some SDK witchcraft. Enjoy!

Beautiful Bushstrip on the shore of the Quatam River 29NM north-east of Campbell River (CYBL) in British Columbia, Canada.


  • Fictional ICAO code CQRA
  • ~760-meter long dirt runway
  • Be aware of the Bears
  • 2 small GA ramp parking spots

Big Thank you to Lyriax4391 for creating the “How To Create Addon Airfields” !

Also available


Wonderful thank you.

Looking forward to your next project!

Thanks for the great content! Loving all of the freeware small airports coming in nowadays. Promising for the future of the sim.

Nice, you should add this to

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already submitted :wink:

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Wow, very nice !

Any “Howto make a bush trip” published?

Kind regards.

Looks very nice, let’s try :slight_smile:

Thanks for using my guide and successfully creating an airfield! Have fun!

Great scene ! :sunglasses: :+1:

Area preloaded via the UI in quality high.


Would you please stop it ? I’m well aware that propstrike created those airfields for xp11 and they’re a work of art in themselves. Again none of the propstrike studios assets have been used in my recreation.

Man i loved that airfield in XP11 so happy to have it in here, thank you thank you.

Don’t let it get you down. It is awesome work an all objects are MSFS.

Please get into new bush projects for us :muscle: !

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Awesome! I love Bush flying since like forever and now with MSFS 2020 it is finally possible. Thank your very much for sharing your trips! I am looking forward to fly them next weekend :slight_smile:

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Really enjoyed this! Even went via drone mode fishing until the bears had had enough of me and a hike in the hills and then flew out to CYCM for lunch! Hope you continue to develop things and maybe some other strips in the area. Thanks for your work.


Thanks for the memories! Now can someone please fly their Shock into here and help me out???!!!


I love this little airport, thank you for bringing it to msfs :+1:

Please get on GitHub, you have such great stuff!

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Hey, I love this airport and it’s really fun to do anything in or out of it…I have a question, what material did you use for the ground? I make some fictional bush airports myself so I wondered what material because it looks really nice, thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Loved it as well, but it seems to no longer work for me since SU4. Same is true for some of the Bush League Legends airports. Anyone having the same issue here?

After every update all third party airports mod the time just go away….after a few restarts of the sim they’ll show up again…just them fixing themselves to be compatible.