Freeware Bushstrip - Machmell Fisheries - British Columbia, Canada (outdated see 1st post)


Also available


+1 For all GA / Bush peeps :slight_smile: Serious though nice work , keep it up

Lots of real life little airstrips in that part of the world

All assets are from the FS2020 SDK library!

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Looking fantastic! Well done and thanks for the contribution

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Nice work! Thank you!

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ahhhh so excited! I was hoping for this!!

What’s the name for that camper van in the SDK library?

I’ve been trying to find it but no luck so far!

The strip looks great btw, we need more detailed bushstrips like this in the sim!

Beauty! Machmell is such a fun strip to fly in and out of. Thank you!!

! little issue here, it duplicates my own aicraft which makes it look out of place, see screenshots. First is my own at the ramp, second is the duplcate.

The personwho made the deadcow lakebed airshow on discord had this issue too but fixed it, im sure you can also get this fixed. BUt other then that airstrip looks amazing.

Also there is an Aircraft that spawns in the bushes / trees

fixed and updated. Latest Version 1.2

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MetropoliseXbox also did a great job creating a different version of the airfield that is worth checking out! Go give him some love as well. #bushflyersunite

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Really hoping you and @MetropoliseXboxwork can mix this one together. Looking forward to the end result

Hey I just started there with the savage cub and now that one is being duplicated with registration at all, I think its an issue with pretty much every airport being created. From what I heard it has something to do with making the static aircraft not taking on the users registration and livery. There must be some sort of switch / setting you have to check or whatever since none of the default airports have this issue. Can you look into it and check your others too ?

btw I now have a new problem, I tried the other Machmell and then took that out and put this one back but now it wont recgnize it on the map as an Airstrip at all. If I fly over it its there but will not be shown as an Airstrip with no registration code at all.

It’s only a visual thing and there is nothing in the object properties that will let me change that.

Just did the same thing and can not replicate. Everything works as intended

Weird man, I wonder how others got to work now.

Any solution to the airport now being on the map anymore ? I tried everything i can think off but it simply wont take it anymore, I think tohers probabpy run into the same problem if they try the other Machmell fisheries and take that out and put this one back then no luck aiport will not be seen as an airport anymore at all. No ICAO code nothing. Visually its there but not listed

■■■■, im lost now

Managed to get it back, but had to rename the folder of the scenery otherwise it wouldnt take it. For some reason FS flagged it to be excluded I gues. So for those encountering this issue, just rename the scenery folder and it works again. There seem to be a trigger that if a folder gets either removed or changed too often it gets flagged. Reason unknown

Btw. Still hope you @Ry4nFlint and @MetropoliseXboxwill manage to merge the 2

Hey Just heard that if you change the static aircraft to generic models then you will not have the duplication problem. Hope that helps