[Freeware] Machmell Fisheries 2020 v1 by MetropoliseXbox & Ry4nFlint

MetropoliseXbox and I are proud to present to you our collaboration for the re-creation of the Machmell Fisheries Bushstrip, located 49NM south of Bella Coola in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

We both had started with own versions and then decided to combine forces instead of maintaining 2 separate releases.


  • ICAO code CBY2
  • ~700-1000-meter long dirt/grass runway
  • Wildlife and fishing boats
  • 2 small GA ramp parking spots
  • optimized vegetation and custom watermasking in the nearby area
  • tons of little details

//Download :point_down://


Heck ya! Thanks mate, we need more Canadian airports!

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Very nice , Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks. This looks fantastic!!

WOW, now this is some fine work guys, hope to see more of the 2 of you working together. This makes Bush flying fun. Great team work.

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2 Suggestions:

1.Put the the dock back in that you had in yours but make it with only 1 both so a water plane can dock there.

  1. Place a little cabin somewhere there so we can have a place to spend the night if needed.

Alsowhat is up with all the whitewashed river ? It wasnt like that in your other version but it was in the version by Metro, in your old one the water looked beautifull

  1. There still is a dock, just in a different location.
  2. There are cabins out there, just gotta find them and do the hike.
  3. make sure to delete the old versions. water masking in this version is 10fold better


I did delete the old version but it’s so white, maybe it suppose to be like that I dont know but sure loved the less white version better because it looks like really blurred white textures underneath the water which doesnt really match the beauty of this sim but that is personal opinion I gues.

And you mean the cabins at the water side probably, ■■■■ that is a long hike just for a quick overnight stay lol, when bush flying for real in real life you want a place close to the aircraft incase you gotta jet out of there in regards to wild animals, an approaching storm etc. That is why I asked a cabin or even a tent close to the airraft would be perfect

Beautiful as always when it comes from you. And now the work of 2 highly skilled people combined, the outcome is even more breathtaking! Thank you very much to both of you for your work and sharing it with us :+1:

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Hey, if you wouldn’t mind replying with a screenshot of what you’re seeing in regards to the water masking that would be great.

Also, on the cabins, we’re doing our best with this scenery to create an accurate representation of this area while using built-in assets. there is a building quite close to the runway here :

which is roughly where the closest building is in the real location according to the information we could find.

Happy Flying


Here some screenshots, Like I said the 1st version from @Ry4nFlint looked more natural and fitted better with the rest of the entire surroundings and look and feel of this sim. Now it just looks so out of place and it just takes away the natural feeling of it. I know you want to go for as real as possible but sometimes this works negatively specially when it comes to watermasking. Maybe offer 2 different versions ? One with this masking and one with the old masking he had ? That would solve the problem for everyone and then they can choose what they want.

I dont feel like these adjustments are accurate. I have been here 3 times. You are wrong.

Is it possible to use this scenery in the Onestop Scenery pack. We would use the proper credits.


A huge thank you to both of you!

the textures are what is already present in the sim, the watermasking leaving it visible is a limitation of the sdk.

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if you could provide photos that would be great. I could find almost no information.

Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your hard work on this great strip

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where would that pack be? :slight_smile:

In the Flightsim Onestop Discord server: discord.gg/mTW996Z