Machmell Conservatory - Freeware Scenery

This scenery adds the Machmell Fisheries airstrip, a small strip accessible only by bush pilots or someone who dosn’t know better. It also adds some improvements to the surrounding area such as:

-improved vegetation detection
-manually added buildings where visible in satellite imagery
-many small details added using default resources.

Matchmell (ICAO: CBY2) has one ~3000 ft grass runway, two small ga parking spots, wildlife, and great views.



Looking good! Thanks for the contribution.

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Hmm interesting, what is the difference between this one and Freeware Bushstrip - Machmell Fisheries - British Columbia, Canada can they maybe be merged together ? Or maybe you and @Ry4nFlint can work together on this one maybe some others too. You both make amazing Airstrips and the scenery around it I can just imagine the 2 of you working together making it even better ? Just an idea offcourse.

Oh yeah I hadn’t seen that. looks good, if there’s a way we could collab i would be down. We’ll see.

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I really like the amount of smaller details you have in your version! Don’t how merging sceneries would work but I can send you the project file @MetropoliseXbox of my version if you like.


This is very nice , thank you for your work on this and sharing it with the community. :slight_smile:

O yeah please do work together, awesome. What the 2 of you can come up with will be amazing for us bush flying pilots.

Sounds good, Like you say I’m not sure how merging two already started projects would work with the SDK being as cryptic as it is already. However, I could add some of the things I put into mine to yours and send it back your way to consolidate it. then maybe I could delete this post and you just credit me in your, would that work?


If you have not already maybe join the official MSFS 2020 discord , pretty sure there is a repository being created for all the mods .

How did this end? Two great sceneries becoming one?

yep, we merged the projects. you can find the release here: