[Freeware] EDDS Stuttgart Airport Work in Progress (Missing Airport) Community Project

Community Project Discord Channel
IMPORTANT: Report errors/bugs/mistakes on the discord, this way we can handle them more quickly!


This will be a huge update with a lot of new stuff: New buildings, landscape, jetways and much more. The complete patchnotes will be published together with the download link on saturday evening.

At 8 PM (UTC) on saturday evening we’ll additionally look at the scenery on Twitch, hosted by Dacumia (https://www.twitch.tv/dacumia ). He himself works at the Airport Stuttgart and is joined with an real Pilot stationed in Stuttgart. Feel free to join the stream!


Hello everybody,

This is the main thread for the community project on EDDS airport in MSFS 2020.

The whole point of this post is to gather support for the project! If you’re interested at all (no coding skill required) and want to help fellow simmers out, just join the discord server. It’s totally alright if you’ve got no experience - we can show you how and where you can help us.
I’m fluent in english and german.

For changelogs, check out replies to this thread. PLEASE SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK

MAJOR UPDATE: We have merged this project with another project, also on EDDS, managed by @Titanier2002. For any questions, refer to him or me. The new update contains loads of details on the aprons, integrated scenery for the terminal building, the DHL freight terminal and EDDS tower. HUGE THANKS TO @NoteBeule338, @Titanier2002, @firedevil579, @RexShockVIPER and the many more who have pushed this project in their freetime. We will continue working on it, e.g. expect NavData in an Alpha version soon.


General Airport

  • added realistic slope to the runway
  • added simple terraforming around and on the airport
  • added heightmap preparation for B312 tunnel
  • added placeholder for the spotter hill
  • updated ground textures at GAT and around the main apron
  • updated approach lights


  • added taxiway L2 and L3
  • added taxiway hold short lines
  • added taxiway signs “GA2” and “GA3” on GAT entry
  • added enhanced centerlines on all holding points
  • updated multiple runway exit lines
  • updated closed taxiway marks for old X taxiway
  • fixed taxiways within GAT
  • fixed taxiway connections between GAT and tayiway N
  • fixed taxiway centerline from K to Y (crossing holdingpoint RW07)
  • fixed most of the taxiway signs


  • added parking spots 24A, 26A and 28A
  • added new apron layout for 40s parking spots (now 40-48, before 40-46)
    • This incorporates the new apron layout as constructed at the moment (in real life, finished approx. 2021)
  • updated parking spots 9 to 74 from GA parking to “gate parking”
  • updated vehicle streets around the main apron

Airport facilities

  • added fuel truck support for all airliner and GAT parking spots
  • added AI traffic connections for all airliner and GAT parking spots
  • added taxiway edge lights
  • added scenery objects all over the main apron and GAT
  • added white and red edge lines for all parking spots on the main apron
  • added multiple light masts
  • added walls between fire department and holding point 25 and behind the GAT
  • added jetblast fences west of position 9 and near the GAT

Buildings / Terminal

  • added Lufthansa Technik maintenance hangar
  • added maintenance garage (east of the GAT)
  • added GAT Terminal building
  • added GAT hangar 1 and 2
  • added temporary jetways (will updated with new terminal building)

NavData / Approaches

  • added VOR DME approaches
  • added ETASA on ETASA 2H and KRH on KRH 5B departure routes
  • added STG waypoint to all approach procedures
  • added tansitions for runway 07 and 25
  • added FI07 to ILS 07 approach
  • added FI25 to ILS 25 approach
  • updated names for BADSO 2A, TEKSI 5A and REUTL 5A STARs
  • updated ILS course from true heading to magnetic heading
  • fixed waypoints DS030 and DS033 on ROTWE 7H departure
  • fixed waypoints DS552 and DS532 on KRH1W arrival
  • fixed waypoints for TEKSI 5A STAR
  • fixed coordinates of waypoint DS531
  • removed GPS approaches (does not exist in reallife)
  • removed NDB DME approaches (does not exist in reallife)
  • removed waypoints DS411 and DS512 from ILS approaches

Known issues

  • missing ground textures (due to 1.10.11 patch)
  • flickering building windows
  • windsock not lighted
  • taxiway signs “ils cat 3 hold short” have a wrong / between II and III
  • taxiway signs “TORA distance” have missing meter letter



Gravity-EDDS v0.1b

@nsteffens nsteffens released this on 27 Sep · 5 commits to master since this release

Changelog V 0.2


  • changed ISTE frequency to 109.5 from 110.9
  • fixed CTD for RNAV07
  • fixed CTD for GPS07
  • fixed CTD for NDBDME07
  • fixed CTD for ILS 25 + 07


  • Transitions for RNAV Runway07
  • Transitions for RNAV Runway25
  • added Transitions BADSO,KRH,LBU,REUTL, TEKSI, NOSBU and IBIRU


  • added departures for Runway 07 ABTA4H, DKB4H, ETAS2H, GEBN6H, KRH2H, KUNO2H, OKIB4H,ROTW7H,STG2H,SUL3H,TAGI2H,TEDG2H,VESI2H
  • added departures for Runway 25 DKB9B, ETAS4B, GEBN7B, KRH5B, KUNO2B, OKIB4B, ROTW5B, STG1B, SUL3B, TAGI4B, TEDG1B, VESI4B

COM frequencies:

  • changed COM frequencies to current EDDS AIP_18JUN2020


  • fixed / added some missing waypoints for transitions

Known Issues

  • procedure “NDBDME 07 & NDBDME 25” waypoints seem not to fit
  • procedure GPS 07 and GPS 25 to be checked if valid for the airport or not, waypoints seem not to fit


There is still a lot to come and this is only a small part of what is going on in the background. Stay tuned for further updates!



gravity-EDDS First release

@titanier2002 titanier2002 released this on 16 Sep · 8 commits to master since this release

This is our first official release for the Stuttgart Airport in Germany.


How to download the SDK


Hi Tom,

I am interested in helping to shape the airport! I also modelled and programmed airports and airplanes in the X-Plane 11. So please write me back!

I’m also fluent in english and german.

Sincerely Max


I may be interested! Would love to be included on any communications.


I would like to help!


Great!! Thanks for your effort.
Would like to help too, but I’m afraid I’m useless. So I can only offer moral support.

In case you wish to expand the project:
I noticed that the area west of Reutlingen around Gönningen does not spawn any trees.

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Already noticed that, it happened because bing maps is blurred in an area greater than the airport itself - Reutlingen and Gönningen are part of that area.


State of the work for you guys


If anyone’s interested, I could use some help creating the southern apron (military and freight). If you’d like to help, hit me up

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Also, for those interested, I’ve uploaded a TOTAL alpha version right here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai9P4Ki-jYdoiVIWrBe1Z2FnPBPn?e=ogZQJw

I haven’t done any testing at all, just download it an put the folder majortomL-edds into your \Community-folder. For questions DM me, for anything else as well. It has neither SIDs nor STARs or any fancy ■■■■ - it’s just a plain apron with taxiways and 6 ramp parking spots.


Also can only provide Moral Support, thx for doing this… i am also hardly missing EDDS…

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New request: if anyone’s got any info at all about how to add approaches, sids and stars, HMU!

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Great, thanks for stepping and taking the time to do this! :clap:t2:

You might want to have a look at this thread: [GUIDE] How to create custom aerial / photo scenery

This might allow you to replace the blurred ground texture with sharp imagery.

I tried this already and for some reason it didnt work - maybe fs creates a default layer for blurred regions in bing maps that cant be overridden…ill see what i can do

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Nice :slight_smile:

Once it’s finished, it’s there plans to make other major airports like MPTO, FSIA and LEMG?

If you are having issues with taxiways not generating lights on the edges even if enabled, you can make use of “LightRow” and just place a line by adding points. For general lights, under Scenery the “AirportLight_HighMast_TypeX” luckily work out of the box already for some light. You can see how they look like in my progress update of EHEH [Freeware] Eindhoven Airport - EHEH (WIP) - #9 by Ocgineer

@DerZeitgeist351 Thanks for that, I’ll have a go on that guide for EHEH! :smiley:

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I’m currently building a different blurred airport and the method definitely worked for me.

Try to use Maximum and Minimun zoom at 20 when you export from QGIS. I have heard that this has fixed that issue for some :slight_smile:


Hi ZourShot. Thanks again for helping me out

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Alright guys, tryna reply to all of this at once. Right now im not planning on doing other airports - its just that i am on paid leave this month. Taxiway lighting i think is not an issue at this point.

Pineapple would you mind a call with me, trying to fix the aerials? Id love that.


Would you like to join the project? I saw you joined the thread over from your own

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