Freeware helicopters are on the horizon

I have no greater insight into this issue than you do. (Remember that forum mods are just regular forum users who have volunteered for the role and are not Asobo/MS employees.)


Well that’s convenient I guess for Asobo and Microsoft .

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Lets be realistic. There is a World Pandemic going on you know. Alot of plans for alot of companies and people have changed. In my opinion I would be focusing on Xbox also at this time and its release. I just wish more interaction with 3rd parties and their SDK was spread around more for others to use and develop aircraft.

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My friends in IT and programming have not been effected as they find this whole working from home to be better than going to work. I think out of all the industries programming would hardly have been effected. Maybe if you were in the restaurant trade but not IT, it’s booming.

In accordance with your theory why are ASOBO spending so much time upgrading the world every cycle when the base simulator has lots of issues and the functionality is a lot less than what we had in FSX.

If ASOBO were concentrating on the base simulator I would have some sympathy but they just keep pumping out updates on something which is already light years ahead from where we were as simmers in terms of graphics 1 year ago.

Time to work on DX12 and base sim functionality I think.

Why is it these helicopter threads attract this type of comment and why do these comments come from people that seem to get all bent up over people asking for a function?

Please go join in another discussion thread if you don’t like helicopters as clearly this thread is not for you and there are 4000 other threads were you can be happy and thrilled and obviously this is not one of them so please don’t bother replying or start a thread hating helicopters and I promise I won’t go near it!

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Yeah good luck working at home 8 hours a day when your locked-down 8 and 10 year olds run around in the house, miss their friends, miss school or kindergarden, miss sport clubs, you have to manage the time together with your spouse… this is a website about realism, maybe use a bit of sense for realism. Just because you‘re at home doesn‘t mean ANYTHING.


How has this discussion about helicopters attracted people with no interest in helicopters . I don’t care about your personal home life and you are off topic if that’s what you want to discuss.

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That was YOUR entirely nonsense statement farbfrom reality and apparently ever further from knowing what people do when they have a family and work from home.

Guess what, I came here for helicopters too. And found so many stupid assumtions again. If you desperately try to hate Asobo, well… it tells a lot.

Stick to helis here and don‘t attack people who you neither know nor have any idea about and without whom you wouldn‘t even be here and everything‘s fine.


This would have been a great topic without the whining about Asobo to be honest… it comes off as incredibly entitled.

That said, great news - I look forward to trying them.


You obviously have serious problems at home , I am sad for you but this is a helicopter discussion .

Software engineer here. Sorry, but what you say is not completely true.

Yes, you can develop from home. But software engineering is a highly creative process which requires a high degree of communication and coordination, especially in the „incubation / grow“ period of a project.

And while you can do that to some degree via video / text chat that process definitively slows you down and hinders creativity. That‘s a fact.

And never underestimate a simple coffee machine which enables random encounters and chats which may turn out to be crucial for an efficient and creative solution finding!

Asobo has already communicated that they won‘t tackle helicopter flight models before the end of this year (Xbox is the next big thing for them), so there you go: you have all the transparency you need!

So why you‘re complaining about a „wall of silence“ is beyond me.


It already started in the OP and gives it a sour note. Unnecessary and pointless. The heli news are great indeed

Nope, next assumption. I don‘t have children. Anyway, just stop it.Leave Asobo and other people out of this JUST ONCE and be happy about the project.

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So you come hear and whine about my opinion but I can’t be critical of ASOBO. OK.

Again here is a hint … we are talking about helicopters not your private arrangements so please stay on topic.

Well that’s not my experience with my clients in the IT industry so I feel sorry for you and your friends but never the less this discussion was related to helicopters not peoples personal problems however terrible they may be.

So I can only have an opinion that praises all programmers and developers especially the ones at ASOBO ? Can you point out in the forum rules that particular term and condition? I don’t want yopur opinion an actual reference please?

You wanted to stick to the topic if I recall correctly.

No need to praise anyone. But the constant bashing is incredibly annoying in this forum. Sounds like reddit here


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Having read the entire topic multiple times, I believe discussions about Asobo’s performance and potential impacts caused by the pandemic were as on-topic if not more so than the addon loosely referred to in the opening post. However, that is a topic that has been discussed more than once.

Even if that was not the case, this topic is in the wrong category and should have been posted in the appropriate Third-Party Addon Discussion forum.

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