[Freeware] Oceano County Airport (L52), California

Oceano airport is a cozy little airport in a perfect slice of paradise. Located right next to the Pacific Ocean in the community of Oceano, California, Oceano Airport is the perfect landing spot for your general aircraft. The airport is near the beach, bordered on the north by Pismo State Beach, and on the south by the Pismo Dunes Natural Preserve. The Pacific Ocean coastline is less than a half-mile from the main ramp area.

All airport buildings have been replaced: airport office and its pilot lounge, main entry gate and his numerous signs, fuel island, executive hangar, airport beacon, wind cone and segmented circle (WIP)… not to mention the famous campground. The scenery is available for free at Flightsim.to • Oceano (L52) by vbazillio

As all of my mod, this small scenery is made from pilot-eyes perspective. I flew there once in real and I’m an amateur scenery developer. This mod is made with 99% of MSFS default objects library except for some specific objects like signs and the blue and yellow biplane which required “totof- aircraft library v3” available here at flightsim.to.

The scenery is available for free at Flightsim.to • Oceano (L52) by vbazillio


Version 1.1.2 released with the iconic Dr Pepper vending machine and the real map on the main sign :wink:


fantastic. just downloaded. I will try it. Thanks.

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The new version 1.1.5 I’ve just uploaded on flightsim.to includes my second attempt to build a custom building from scratch. Oceano (L52) » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Looks great I’ll check it out!

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Version 1.1.8 adds:

  • Wind Circle fix elevation with World Update 10
  • New Rotating Beacon tower
  • Fix orientation and parking spots
  • New runway color (more blended)
  • Fix duplicate buildings

Source: Oceano (L52) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

This looks great! I live on the Central Coast, and have flown in and out of Oceano many times (weather permitting.) I’ve never been up in the Stearman though… :slight_smile:

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My free amateur work on Oceano has been featured in the last episode of “The Best Free Add-ons” :wink: