Freeze/Lags while touchdown - but fps around 50 while approaching

It seems that the issue is linked to the place where you have installed the sim. If you have installed MSFS in the HDD its very possible to having stutters when the aircraft touchdown in the runways by the simple fact that HDD´s are too slow processing the information. The best its to install MSFS in a SSD drive or even better in a NVME drive.

I have installed the sim in the HHD drive, in january I will buy a NVME drive to install the sim there and then will see what happen.

By now I found a way to solve the stutter when the plane touchdown in the runway. Before doing the desired flight, just make a very small flight using the desired aircraft to take-off and landing (even you can do it in the same runway) so you will have the touchdown stutter.

Then finish the flight and load your desired flight and you will not have the stutter anymore when you land because you already had it. It works for me, hope it works for you too :slightly_smiling_face:

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hey, found out i have the problem only in free play mode… i landing challenges no lags at all while landing… even in the big cities… any solution?

Same issue…only at the touchdown moment…the stutter occured…terrible. this made my replay (using flight control replay) appear as a skipped at the moment of touchdown.

Through descent and other phrases the flight smooth, only at the very moment the wheel touches the ground…

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It’s a new problem for me (installed on an internal SSD). Sim has been working quite good until SU7 dropped but having managed to tweak everything to get it smooth again this new problem developed. Take off, taxi, departure, maneuvering to approach all super smooth in VR - until about 50ft above the runway on landing. It’s like a memory leak that starts and builds up into a slide show. If I get the jet down and get out of VR it takes about 5mins for it to unfreeze. Otherwise I’m left sitting on the runway unable to taxi for not wanting to go xcountry :smiley:

Try to make a very short flight (50 seconds or two minutes) just to take off and landing with the desired aircraft, so you can have the lag/stutter when the wheels touchdown in the runway. You can take-off and landing even in the same runway.

Then finish the tiny-small flight and do your desired long flight with the same aircraft. You shouldt have the lag/stutter when landing then :slightly_smiling_face: It works for me the 90% of the times.

Very intresting what you describe. I dont fly using the VR option and I have the touchdown stutter/lag issue since loooooooooong time ago.

My theory is that is linked to the driver where you have installed the sim, due to HDD drives, SSD drives and NVME drives have a very different processing information speeds. I have installed the sim in a HDD drive (the slower of all of them) so maybe and just maybe Im having the issue because of it.

Next year I will buy a NVME drive and I will install the sim there and lets see what happen.

i dont get this… i mean if i turn down the settings i get more lag… and i dont wanna fly before i fly… they have to give us a fix… its a topic since may…

Totally agree. Asobo should fix the issue.

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I’ve been doing some testing on this and I’m strongly starting to believe that it is the actual sound that causes the stutter. There are certain sound files that when played seem to cause microstuttering in the sim. Try checking on the MSFS sound options. If you are set as using the windows default device. select your actual devices from the drop down menu

After hundred of experiments and hundred of hours trying to fix the freeze/lag while touchdown I found the reason and its linked with the effects that are used by the sim when the aircraft touchdown in the runway.

What I did to fix the horrible freeze / stutter is:

In my MSFS instalation folder search for the following folders:


Then I disabled the following effects adding an “OFF” in the beginning of each name, just like Im showing in the next images:

Doing this I fixed in 100% the issue, It took me MONTHS to find out the solution and I share it with all of you so you can have happy landings with NO sutter.

Of corse you will not be able to see the wheels effects (smoke, water, ice) when the wheels touchdown but who cares if we are in the cockpit during the landing!!!

Very important: Do not delete the effects files, just modify the name adding the OFF word exactly as I show in the pictures so you can comeback to the normal configuration at anytime taking away the"OFF" word from the files.