Freeze/Lags while touchdown - but fps around 50 while approaching

deactivate it in gsx too.but nothing solved

General Options - Data - Rolling Cache Settings - Delete Rolling Cache File.

How did you go with this?

Yes.Delete it everytime after flight.Now i reinstalled all thins incl. MsFS and rolling cache off. I Have a 250 mbits connection.I do some testflights this week.standby

This week I made all kind of flights landing in all kind of airports (all of them payware addon). I dont own the Fenix A320 or the PMDG 737 but I used the FBW A320 addon which as much as I know has very similar performance as the Fenix or PMDG aircraft.

Every landing was very smooth with no lags or stutters (the touchdown moment) but approaching to very complex scenaries like inibuids KSAT or flightbeam NZAA I had severe lags 5 to 10 seconds before the touchdown moment.

I always fly using the FSTL aiTraffic addon.

So in my case I can confirm that the both fixes I provided before helped me to eliminate lags during touchdown, but they dont help much to eliminate lags during aproaching to complex scenaries.

Here you can see my last fligfhts:

Now after reinstall all things. It runs very smooth on every Airport. also Ini’s Heathrow.Don’t know what the hell it was, but now all bad things GONE and my smooth landings are back.

thx for all your help about this f*** problem

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Glad to know you fixed it!!! well done!!! :+1:t5: :slightly_smiling_face: :clap:t5: