Fresh Install Windows & FS2020 CTD

l have formatted my HD`s all 3 of them, Fresh installation of windows 10 with all updates and latest Nvidia drivers.
Fresh installation of FS2020, installation perfect no issues, once l launch the sim it gets to around 80% then CTD… how on earth is this happening …
Have a 10900K cpu, 32 gig mem, 3090 card and l cant launch it…
Anyone now having this problem…


What’s your virtual memory settings in windows ? Can you screenshot and post ?

One thing everyone will want to know is where did you install FS2020 (which disc).

Where is C:\ (Win 10)which disc)
Where is FS2020

Just left it to windows…

Thanks mate

l installed it to d:/FS2020

thanks bud

Set it manually to 25GB and try the sim again.

Hi just changed it from 5120 which is what windows had as auto and changed it to 25000 if l had this correct and nothing…

Thanks for that…

I would check your CPU and GPU temps.
Log out of Xbox account and log back in.

Temps all good, l did try logging in and out and nothing… might format and try a different drive thanks mate for the help

Hi @boeingqa,
Did you install the US English Language Pack for Apps & Websites? This is different than the native language pack for Windows.

Just installed it trying it now thanks might be the problem as l had Australia English installed.


Nah didnt work… thanks anyway…

You installed that under “Preferred Languages”? The PC may need a reboot after installing that.

The CTD, is this happening on a black screen or is there graphics there?

Graphics are there you do see the blue bar loading then around 80% CTD…

I have the same problem, I have already format the computer, I have tried to reinstall MSFS 2020 3 times and nothing. The game goes up to 80% or so and crashes, with no message. I have i7 9700KF + RX 5700XT.

@boeingqa @MarcosLeal4742
Can both of you check the MS Store to see if pulls in an update for “Gaming Services” and I think there is a Digital license that gets pulled in. Do this without MSFS running. If there is an update, restart your PC.

@MarcosLeal4742, same with you on the US English Language Pack for Apps & Websites.

Everything is up to date, I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m giving up already. These windows I installed today, updated everything, including the drivers / bios.

I see you have Xbox Game Bar. For any xbox app you have installed, sign out and sign back in.

That 80% mark where it’s crashing is about the area it’s logging into the gaming servers.

The problem persists.

Just got a windows update 20H something but l`m reinstalling the game will try again…