Friday night Flights - 9pm EDT - Helicopters to LUNA PARK

Aircraft: Guimbal, but any helicopter that can maintain 90 knots indicated will be fine.
Friday June 9th @ 9pm EDT on USA West server.
All welcome, casual flight. Join our Discord if you would like to voice chat (optional).
Flight Conditions: All Players, Live Traffic, Few Clouds, 2pm,
Flight lead: Lazerbolt

Hey pilots! Join us Friday night as we explore beautiful Sydney Harbor in helicopters!

I will be flying the Guimbal, but any helicopter that can maintain 90 knots indicated will be fine.

Server: West US
Weather: Few Clouds preset
2pm in game local

Friday’s flight plan is as follows:

Wallacia Airport Departure (YWLX)
-Warragamba Dam
Bankstown (YSBK)
-Anzac Bridge
-Sydney Observatory
Shark Island
-Sydney Opera House
Luna Park

A handy .PLN flight plan file can be found below:

Join us Friday for this beautiful flight around Sydney!

Happy landings,

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Isn’t 90 kias sustained tough in the Guimbal Cabri G2?

This looks like fun. Unfortunately I missed the group because the forum software screwed up the timezone conversion. I flew the plan anyway and had a pleasant flight.

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My debrief - First Group Event Flight:

Sorry, I just noticed replies, do you remember what time it said? Hopefully I am putting in the correct time zone information…we usually always do flights at 9 pm east coast USA time on Fridays.

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Thanks for sharing!

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This forum software has a bug with timezone calcs, maybe because of DST? Anyway there was nobody there at the local time it told me, but when I used a proper timezone conversion tool it told me I was an hour late. So it’s not you putting the wrong time in.