FS Labs Enter the Fray

Looks like the entire Platoon is coming fellow simmers

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I don’t know Flight Sim Labs, since I never used the prior simulators.

Are they going to be able to bring anything to the table with a A320? You already have FBW and Fenix. I’m not sure where another A320 is going to fit into that…


Well they better hurry up because the fenix will be out soon and the fbw remains a solid and rapidly advancing product. I realise their a320 line is super complex, but is it too little too late?

It seems like they’re hedging their bets on P3d releases first for some reason which will further delay any appearance in the msfs market.

Really odd strategy to honest.

Not sure what their products will bring. I do know their A320 with all the bells and whistles is good enough for real Airbus pilots to use for Systems training. Not saying Fenix etc isn’t or wont be, I am just saying what I know.

But if they bring an A330 id rather theirs than Aerosofts.

Yeah cool they bring their malware to msfs 2020 can’t wait


Not trusting their software anymore at all… And after the way they impacted my P3D to make their stuff work I will keep my new PC clean of their software.

Too late for them, all the cakes in the party have been distributed.

I’m not sure there will be room in the market for another study-level A320. A study-level Concorde might have it. At least for the A320, they will arrive too late for the cake and the FSLabs name is still tainted by the Malware controversy.

For those unfamiliar with the Malware controversy, it was an episode where a Reddit user discovered that FSLabs intentionally placed a password-stealing malware in the A320’s files, saying they were intended to be an anti-piracy tool that would only be used against who used a pirated version. To make matters worse, they threatened to sue the user and even the r/flightsim moderators if they didn’t delete the post.


LMAO! I remember that fiasco years ago :rofl:

Until they release something, they have not entered anything.

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Very interesting history; I like DC-Designs more and more now… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good to know.
Thank you.

I could be interested in their A330, but knowing this… I am not so sure…


I am surprised they survived that. If i remember correctly, it was not only a tool to find out passwords of users (or as they claimed „pirates“), it was classified as a keylogger which basically means, that FSLabs may have been able to see everything you typed into your Google Chrome browser.
This was completely criminal behavior and they won‘t ever get one cent from me, even if it is the best Add-on ever made.


How anyone can buy software from them is beyond my imagination


Wow I didn’t know any of this about the malware. That’s actually awful. Shame however.

Hmmm… The exact same airplane type re-released again and again from different development teams without bringing something new to the table that is giving the airplane character and flair is not really alluring.

PMDG for example has the most sophisticated airplane and cockpit options ever programmed.
Fenix is going to bring the most realistic study-level Airbus ever made.
All other Airbusses I know from other sims are just casual entry-level airplanes with a few basic standard cockpit options, but nothing really makes them stand out or gives them character and uniquéness.

But I would love to see an Airbus A350! That´s a cool one!
It looks absolute great (like a Boeing 757 with overpowered turbines half the diameter as the hull itself) and that cockpit is GORGEOUS!
Stars on the seats, a huge TFT screen array stretching over the whole cockpit panel width, like someone was designing a space ship in the late eighties.

Oh why can´t anyone create this awesome Airbus 350 for the sim?
But just like my beloved 757 there won´t be any cool Airbus A350 to fly. Ever.

Why isn´t someone daring to start a study-level A350 or A380? :wink:


FBW have the A380 in development and there is another team trying to build an A350. :smiley:


Because just like PMDG, they develop high quality aircraft and with that, they have a good amount of loyal users who will defend it at all costs.

At the time, I remember that this group was quite engaged in defending FSLabs in this controversy, saying ‘Just don’t use the pirated version and you’ll be fine’. After all that, when this subject is brought up again, they show up saying ‘Just move on, ffs!’

There isn’t much more to do, is it? Either move on and forget about it, use their software (has anyone actually read the ton of agreements they send with it that one accepts and that would probably never be valid in most customers’ countries?) and let them hack your sim to make their stuff work or the second choice: don’t buy it again… there is not much more to do.

The story was that apparently there was a russian forum that provided cracked FSL Airbus versions, not sure if for free or for cheap sale, but it was a locked forum. FSL’s goal was to get the administrator access data to that forum which they seem to have succeeded with. Apparently they used these data to delete the forum or something like that. Now it’s up to us to decide whether we see this as a service to the flightsim community with some kind of excess of self-defense or whether we see it as an attack on our cyber safety. I myself would have tended to number one because I know how huge the financial damage is to these developers and how much we miss out because they can’t invest as much as they might be able without this piracy. But then I heard that apparently it was Lefteris himself as well who placed that file bomb in the PMDG MD11, that (apparently, it was before my sim time) deleted critical computer system files on PC’s if a cracked MD11 was used. To me this is a rumour, I wasn’t able to confirm this, but had heard it before. And this, together with how ruthlessly FSL changed my P3D installation forcing their configuration manager on me all the time and with their files in folders where no flight sim addon has to to anything I decided that I would refrain from installing their software on my sim. If it had been this single incident in 2018 I would have moved on ffs but there seems to be a problem with FSL throughout concerning safety. If they feel threatened again, what will they do next?

Obviously PC users are spoilt for choice regarding the A320, now what I’d potentially be intrigued by is whether either FS Labs or Aerosoft will be planning on releasing their Airbus’ for the Series X. As all we have at present is the god-awful default A320, and the Fenix/FBW will never be on the platform. Which I would really not rather have to be stuck with.

Having said that, FS Labs past history, mentioned on here, is somewhat troubling.