FS Traffic performance of VATSIM vs FSLTL

Anyone tested the performance of the newly released FS traffic on VATSIM against FSLTL? I’ve heard performance is better but would like other opinions before buying

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Just curious as to why someone would use a traffic tool on VATSIM?

Or is it simply used for the models / model
Matching for other users on the network?

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It iu used for model matching. Right now I’m using FSLTL and was wondering if the models provided by FS traffic have different impact on performance

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Ah okay, makes sense.

I just use AIG without the traffic injector.

I don’t use VATSIM but I have used both FSLTL and FS Traffic with injected AI traffic. I think FS Traffic has slightly better performance at the default LOD and texture resolution settings. FS Traffic lets you adjust both of those for its models using its external configuration utility, something FSLTL does not let you do easily (without installing and running a long and convoluted texture reduction tool chain to achieve). In FS Traffic, you just change the setting and restart the sim.

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I installed FSLTL and the FA18’s still look like small planes or airliners. Annoying when your buzzed by a little single engine piper that is labeled as a FA18 and screams by at 500mph.

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Curious about this as well. Only use the models for model matching on vatsim (don’t care about traffic injector). Wondering which models perform better.

Has anyone tested this? Looks like FS traffic models give better performance in VATSIM but would like to have some opinions before purchasing it. I only found videos comparing live traffic performance but I only use model matching for vatsim

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Same question here. I’m not interested in AI Traffic, but curious if using FST models with VATSIM will provide better performance than FSLTL (which currently provides a significant performance loss)

At least in the tests I did, I had much better performance with FST models than FSLTL models.

Take into account that FSLTL models use 4K textures. Honestly I don’t know why AI aircraft need 4K textures, unless your intention is for planespotting, but apparently the FSLTL devs have the view that anything below 4K is ‘below MSFS standards’, that MSFS ‘deserves better’ and therefore have no intention of optimizing performance by offering downscaled texture options.

It’s still possible to use programs to downscale the textures. I already used one of them to downscale FSLTL model textures to 1K. It gave me a performance boost compared to the original textures, but still, FST models gave me better performance and with better textures.

After FSLTL update, I saw a lot of people asking if it’s worth buying FS Traffic just for the models. Honestly it depends on how desperate you are for better performance when using AI traffic. If you are suffering from low performance when using FSLTL models, then I think it’s worth buying. Now, if you’re already somewhat satisfied with the performance when using FSLTL models and just want to buy FS Traffic for an extra performance boost, then I don’t think it’s worth buying it.

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Thanks. This helps a lot

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