FS2020 has a black screen


So I tried to install FS2020 today. Here’s what I did:

  • Installed FS2020 from MS store
  • Ran the program
  • Program has a black screen with a loading symbol in the bottom right corner that is stuck
  • Found out that it is Not Responding

I reinstalled the program like 10 times both through MS store and Xbox Game Pass App.
Here’s a few details:

  • Tried installing on my SSD and HDD
  • I tried letting it sit for half an hour
  • No online solutions are working

Thanks in advance

A lot of services are down right now. Azure was down and is slowly coming back up. Seems to be some DNS issues as well. Give it a bit a check back here at the forums so you can tell when things a back up.

Ah I forgot to mention that I’ve been trying since 5PM BST (it’s now 11PM BST)

Reports started popping up about 9 hours ago. Not saying that was the cause but that is the case. Current…

AZURE Status: DNS issue impacting multiple Microsoft services - Investigating

SUMMARY OF IMPACT: Starting at approximately 21:30 UTC on 01 Apr 2021, a subset of customers may experience intermittent issues accessing Microsoft services, including Azure, Dynamics, and Xbox Live.CURRENT STATUS: Engineering teams have been engaged and are currently investigating a potential underlying DNS issue. The next update will be provided in 60 minutes or as events warrant.

This message was last updated at 10:12 PM UTC on April 1, 2021

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Hi @KingAshaz,
As @LovesickChief13 pointed out, this may be due the Xbox Servers having issues. Could you let us know if you still get the black screen? According the Xbox Server status, it looks like all services are running now:
Xbox Status | Xbox Support

Thank you.

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I still get it, here is what it looks like.

I have to close it with task manager after.

Edit: The little grey box in the middle just says ‘Windows Screenshot’, because I was taking a screenshot.

I have a solution.

I had Bullguard, an anti-virus software, installed. I uninstalled it and it seems to work now. Thanks to everyone that tried to help :slight_smile:

the classic :wink:

the information for others:


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Closing this topic as solution provided by OP.
The FAQ regarding “black screen” can be found here where it mentions checking your anti-virus:
Loading issues (stuck on loading screen, long loading times, stuck on black screen, etc…) – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com)

There is also an additional topic here: