FS2020. Laptop flyer? Anyone? Chime in!

I have been flight simming since FS9 time. then FSX, and now FS2020. and all this years running the
sim in a laptop. Anyone fly using laptop too??. Chime in and share your specs and experiences as well as tips and tricks to enhance our sim time.

Specs: Lenovo Legion 7i/Intel i7-10875H/ nVidea RTX2060/32GB memory/1TB M.2 NvmeSSD
Performance : setting in High/40fps average

I would say that I am so happy about the performance of this laptop. Note that I am GA aircraft flyer and fly mostly VFR in FSeconomy. I do fly using numpad only and no joystick or yoke/rudder :shushing_face: I know it’s not realistic but I am just a casual simmer who just enjoy the views and an avid aviation enthusiast.


I have MSFS2020 installed on a Microsoft Surface Book 2 Core i7 RAM 16 GB SSD 1 TB and it works very well. On the other hand, my old microsoft side winder joystick is no longer suitable.

I run MSFS on a 2019 Lenovo Legion laptop: i5-9300MH, 16 GB RAM, GTX1650 with a 16.000 Mbps internet.
It runs fine on mid-range settings, better than any other flight simulator in fact.

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that is good to hear Frank. too bad on the sidewinder issue. Maybe it’s time for a new joystick. I am contemplating on thrustmaster TCA. I heard a lot of good things about it.

Thats what I thought so too. I am really surprised on the smoothness of the graphics.

I’ve got an Omen 15 laptop. i7-8750, 32 gigs RAM (I upgraded), added a secondary 1 TB SSD for MSFS2020, GTX 1060 6 gigs RAM. I started on medium settings and have been adjusting settings (primarily to the low setting) and am getting around 25-30 FPS. Except in areas such as NYC, Chicago, etc., where I only get around 12 FPS so I just don’t fly there. The visual quality is decent but nothing like the videos posted from folks who have high-end machines. But I still enjoy this sim!

I’m waiting until the 3XXX Nvidia cards come out and will probably invest in a high end desktop at that time. In the meantime, I can still play all of the other games (RD2, GTA5, etc.).

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I run MSFS on a Lenovo P52.

16gb ram
nvidia quadra p2000 (not a gaming card but about the equivalent of a 1050ti)
1x 1TB M.2 Nvme SSD
1x 500GB M.2 Nvme SSD

runs ~30fps on med-high settings, definately gpu limited.
i run it on a cooling pad and that definately helps with temps / thermal throttling (i get none)

Asus ROG M15 here. i7-10750H up to 5ghz, GTX1660 TI, 16gig ram. Runs the sim great 35-50fps+ @1080 all settings high w/ ultra clouds. Pretty beefy CPU for a laptop.

Trusty old (REALLY old) Logitech xtreme 3d pro stick still going strong.

Very impressed with the performance considering the mid-range price. And room to grow with another M2 NVME and a RAM upgrade in the future.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14
AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS with Radeon Graphics, Memory 16mb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max, Razer mamba mouse
Old sidewinder joystick, Windows 10 home 64 bit
Runs real well with no stutters. Cranks out some heat so Fans run hot all the time

I guess you are doing some CAD graphic work on that laptop with Quadra.
30fps is good enough for a sim. Thermal throttling was eliminated in my system after I underclock
my CPU. not it seldom throttle.

That was impressive. I would love to try running clouds on ultra, it will probable look amazing.

The M2 NVME is worth an upgrade. It will definitely help a lot on the loading time of the game.

Nice. I wonder how is your RTX2060 MAX runs. My RTX2060 by default I think is overclocked by Lenovo(China) I always see its clock cranking 1700mhz-1860mhz. But looking at the specs in nVidia it says RTX2060 runs 960/and 1200mhz boost. So I am guessing it is overclocked by default. :love_you_gesture:t2

Hello, I’m running the sim at HIGH settings on a Lenovo 5i laptop (I7 10750H, RTX2060, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD + 1 TB HDD) with a very smooth upper 40s FPS performance. I use CH yoke and rudder pedals and I had no problem mapping the controls and setting the sensitivities to my liking. I’m actually very pleased with the way this laptop handles this simulator.

that is the CPU I am contemplating with before I get the i7-10875H. Since I also do a some video editing hence I opt for an 8 core one.

That can be done once you have a RTX3XXX GPU/plus the right CPU combo.

My setup is very similar to yours: Lenovo Legion 7i/Intel i7-10875H/RTX2070-Max Q/32GB memory/1TB M.2

My FPS with “High” settings are also around 40. I have actually limited the FPS to max 45 in the Nvidia control panel. I do have some settings at “Ultra” such as Volumetric Clouds…

Very happy with the laptop and the performance!

Alienware 17 R5 is fine for this. Just make sure fans are set for at lest “performance” in the bios. And use a cooling base. You can watch temperatures with Speedfan. Fans are still loud and at some point I will want to use something else. Maybe Xbox Scarlet.

Heck, I’m still rocking an Alienware 15 R3 - i7-6820, 16GB DDR4 at 2666 Mhz, and a GTX1070 with 8GB. Running at 1080p, my graphics settings are “High End” down the line, with no changes or tweaks - on a lark, I let the game set everything based on its own suggested defaults.

Running off a 1 TB NVME SSD, in most parts of the world I’m getting 30 - 40 fps with a VFR steam gauge airplane, and 30 - 35 in cockpit views of glass cockpit planes using the latest community mod for the avionics screens (“Highonsnow_InstrumentRefreshFPSPatch”). In low level flights among the skyscrapers of New York or spinning around Seattle’s Space Needle, I get about 24 - 27 fps.

Two nights ago I did a cold/dark startup from the checklist in the A320neo from the Premium Deluxe version of Heathrow and got ~25 fps in the cockpit through startup, taxi and takeoff, climbing to 30+ at altitude, with external views in the 35-40 fps range again, with scattered cloud cover.

Tonight, using live weather along the US Gulf coastal region (scattered late summer thunderstorms, west of Hurricane Sally over Louisiana) in the glass-cockpit C172, this was giving me 35 - 37 fps at 5,000’ … And as many people have already noted, when I opened up a VFR map window and then broke it out into its own window in the foreground, my FS2020 framerate jumped to 42-47 fps. Hopefully that bodes well for the upcoming patch and performance for older or lower-spec systems.

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Do you guys messed with undervolt? I’m planning to get a legion 5i only for flight sim, but only after some more details on xbox series x version (to know if will support some sort of mods, like skyrim maybe)

this is a must I think for laptop users, I have gain around 10+ fps by using this tweak

Nice Eis! I am running everything in High, then clouds in ultra. and everything is so butter smooth. Can’t believe this games running so smooth in Legion 7i.

Yes my intel i7-10875H is undervolted by only -050mV. and it makes a whole lot of difference. before it is running 85-95C. after undervolting temp hovers on 75-85C only. very happy with the result.

i think it depends on where the bottle neck is. on my machine the mod made little difference – this mod ‘helps’ the cpu but the bottle neck on mine is the gpu and the cpu still has plenty of headroom. just an observation