FS2020 Tree Editor tool

This is a tool I created to help edit the tree heights in the vegetation XML giving the ability to mass edit them or the tweak them. This originally was started because of a thread in the bugs/issues section and I decided to create this tool for the community. All you need to know is where your main FS2020 folder is that you selected during install, the program when first started will say it can’t find the XML file and ask for the folder. Note: You need to make sure to pick the root folder that contains the Community and Official folders in it and not the folder that holds the XML file as the program will automatically go to the correct folder for the XML file and then when saved it will save it into the community folder.

I also offer an already tweaked XML for download as well below with the minimum heights subtracted by 2 from the originals and the maximum heights subtracted by 4. Simply place the folder in the zip file in your Community folder and you’re all set.

The editor is open source and anyone can view the source code if you wish as well. I will edit this post with latest release links.

First run instructions on how to find your install folder:

Version 1.3.3

FS2020 Tree Editor XML file only:


Sneak peek of soon to come feature in the works :wink:


I can’t seem to change the size of the trees in Central Park (it looks like jungle instead of park) and in strees of Manhattan New York City, they still “huge” and all my tree’s “min / max” already down to “1 / 2”, any thought? Could be I still using 1.1.0?

Also can you make a tutorial when your new editor come out, I have hack of time try to figure out how to let the 1.2.x editor to find the “10-asobo_species.xml”, have that file and exe almost in every folder (yeah, hundred of them! at least I don’t have to worry losing it :sweat_smile:)) but no luck. Thanks!

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Do we need to run the tool again after patches?

. In the bottom boxes, what are suggested numbers, then which button should we press.?
I tried 3 in min and 1 in max but I really don’t know what I’m doing.

@Sixtymikegrr After you put the number in the boxes, if you want to subtract that number from the current values click on “Subtract minimums” and “Subtract maximums” then you should see the values have changed in the boxes showing the current values for each variant. If you’re happy with those values click Save changes and you’re good to go!

@LazyHipp0 I will work on a guide for sure, but you don’t need to place the exe file in any of the FS2020 folders, you can actually have the tool exe anywhere on your computer you want. When you first run it, it should say “Oops! Looks like we don’t have your game location saved.” Clicking OK on this popup should then give you another popup that lets you select a folder. This is where you want to select the folder that has your Community and Official folders inside of it. For example I installed mine to G:\Games\FS2020 and inside the FS2020 folder is Community and Official folders. So in the folder select popup I would select G:\Games\FS2020

If you don’t get the popup of “Oops! Looks like we don’t have your game location saved.” then click on File at the top Settings and then click on the red button to reset the settings, it will automatically close the program, reopen and it will prompt you. OR you can manually edit the folder path in the settings as well. If you need any more help feel free to DM me with your FS2020 install path info and I will help point out the correct FS2020 folder.

Also not sure about central park, that might be custom and no adjustments :frowning:

Nope. If you’re happy with what you already have setup no need to run the tool again unless you need to.

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It looks like photogrammetry areas are not affected by modded tree heights. The reason for this, so my assumption, the tree model have to hide the ugly tree blocks generated by photogrammetry. So they have to be generally bigger.

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Cooljay, did you find a way to adjust tree density (number of trees in a given area)?

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I did actually. It’s in the works of being added to the program :slight_smile: . See below for the sneak peak on the progress so far. You’ll notice the species instances per hectar, this allows you to adjust the density of the species for that biome rule per hectar (or 2.47 acres). This addition will really add a lot more tweaking and even some advanced tweaking abilities for those who truly love to get down to the nitty gritty tweaking :grin:.

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Had me at Cactus, but I’m partial here in AZ… :slight_smile:

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Now if only we could do something about the broccoli looks of trees. :grinning:
Better shadowing (trees on trees) could help.

agreed. ingame is more like forest new york city, lol.

I think I found my problem, look the config XML file, on v1.2.x it generated extra folder path --> Community\Tree-Editor\vegetation\10-asobo_species.xml but I can only navigate down to packages\Community do I have to manually add the path for it to work? Thanks

@LazyHipp0 In 1.2.1 click File -> Settings and in the window that pops up confirm that in the textbox the path you have ends with \LocalCache\Packages and not \LocalCache\Packages\Community as the program will automatically navigate into the community folder from the “top” folder location. I’ve attached a picture showing mine and the folder open. It shouldn’t create a 2nd community folder inside the existing one.

It worked!!! Thank you :pray:t2: :grinning:

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Awesome! Glad to get it working for you :grin:

Just experiment with the setting “artificialSurfacesScaleFactor=” in 10-asobo_biomes.xml from 0.6 down to 0.3, what a different! now leaf size is much better compare to the 0.6 in Central park even tree still huge. can’t wait to see your new editor publish :+1:t2:

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Thank you, much appreciated.

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Just stopping by to say thank you to the creator of this - worked a treat and looks great having reduced the max height of the trees. Great work!