FSDG Namibia Sceneries

I am so happy that someone is finally showing some love to this beautiful country. I used to bush fly there years ago, so this is a bit nostalgic for me. They’ve got 2 airports out, of which I’ve been to both numerous times.
Both of these are available from the FS Market Place too…
Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport FYWH
Walvis Bay International Airport FYWB

They are both very good. They could be a bit more detailed in terms of wear and tear, but I haven’t been to both in awhile IRL. I think Windhoek is a good value at $15 – Walvis Bay is a bit pricey at $20.

South African Airways used to fly into Walvis Bay using a CRJ…I can’t remember if it was a CRJ 200 or 700, but considering that the Aerosoft CRJ is out, it’d be fun to do SAA flights in the RJ from Cape Town.


I did a VR flight in the TBM down the Skeleton Coast, endless dunes to the horizon and had an overnight stop at an opencast mine landing strip before moving on to Cape Town. Incredible.


I’m going to see if I can re-create the scenic tours we would take people on. It’s a round trip from Swakopmund that takes you over the sand dunes, down to Sossusvlei, past some old diamond mining camps, past 2 ship wrecks, past Walvis Bay, and back to Swakopmund. It took about 2h15m from start to finish, flying about 160kts.

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here ya go. It’s a rough outline of the scenic flight, but you’ll get the gist. Make sure to fly low :wink: Well, as low as you can :smiley: You’ll want to take off around 15:30 local so you arrive when the sun is setting.

FYSM-FYSM Scenic Flight.pln (3.6 KB)

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Awesome, thanks!

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Wow, I just did this flight in the Spitfire and it was totally amazing! Who would have thought that a “remote” country like Namibia is so wonderfully modelled in the sim? The ground textures are incredibly detailed and the elevation data is really good as well. You can see the dunes and dry valleys perfectly, especially when the sun is low and only reaches the tips of the dunes.

I cheated a bit and flew the first half of the flight with real weather in the early morning, enjoying the sun rise above the horizon with some scattered clouds resulting in amazing colours. On the way back the skeleton coast was socked in, which as far as I know happens quite frequently. So I switched to clear skies and early evening to enjoy the sunset flying above the coast. Absolutely breathtaking.

Thank you so much V1ROTA7E for this flight plan!

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Awesome, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I bought both and have started flying there. Great scenery :slight_smile: