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I am considering the purchase of GSX Pro for MSFS. I would value some group opinions on the program: Does it really work? Is there an FPS hit? CTD’s? I know that there are many user contributed GSX files available for download. Are they usually dependable? Not trying to be a nit-picker, but I don’t want to waste $30 on a bummer of a program. Many thanks for your opinions and advice!

Check this thread, the topic has been covered before, including recently starting from here…

My opinion of GSX is the same as that of MSFS. I like the bits that work, and hate the bits that don’t.


That’s a really good comparison. Like MSFS, GSX is awesome when it just all works correctly. And sooo frustrating when it randomly has issues, which like MSFS is way too often.

I bought GSX Pro just after SU13, so just a matter of days, and I’m pretty impressed so far.

I mainly got it because I wanted a decent auto pushback addon, having suffered from a certain buggy one that puts an icon in your toolbar and which shall remain nameless.

All the stutters-on-short-final have disappeared so that’s good. The only downside is that my sim loading time has gone from 3 minutes to about 8.

More trouble-shooting lies ahead…

GSX hits loading time hard. You can improve it by reducing the number of jetway overrides and service company overrides, the two big lists in the config screen. I turn off GSX using addons linker when I don’t use it, makes a big difference.

See my post here for some measurements…


Thanks, I’ll look into that.

gsx won’t start, just reinstalled and update with live updater but nothing, gsx in sim open load and colse immediatly.

Please don’t post here about support issues. Either use the FSDT support forum, the FSDT support email, or the GSX creators’ channel on Discord.

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Version 2.8.1 – October 16th, 2023

  • GSX Pro Change: PMDG 737 Simbrief Fuel integration linked to GSX Refueling. Now the Fuel quantity won’t be set immediately, but after calling GSX Refueling service, according to the following method:

    • If the quantity loaded in the airplane is lower than the planned quantity, the GSX Refueling truck will fill up to the planned quantity
    • If the quantity loaded in the airplane is already larger than the planned quantity, GSX will momentarily set it to 5%, then back again to the planned quantity, to sync GSX fuel animation with the airplane own fuel loading
  • GSX Pro Change: PMDG 737 Simbrief integration improved, with automatic recognition of Single/Dual class cabin, and automatic switching between a “by passenger” strategy, which will set the Passenger numbers and FWD/AFT cargo based on Simbrief, and a “by ZFW” strategy which will only set ZFW, when a flight plan is detected to have been made by a non-standard profile, using different passenger weights and alternate cabin configurations. Fuel quantity will be set and rounded up according to the customary rounding on the next hundred

  • GSX Pro Change: PMDG 737 Simbrief Payload integration linked to GSX Boarding. Now Payload won’t be set immediately, but after calling GSX Boarding service. At the end of the Deboarding service, Payload will be automatically set to 0%.

  • GSX Pro Fix: PMDG 737 Simbrief integration: distribution between First/Economy classes when the airplane is close to full capacity.

  • GSX Pro Fix: Fuel price not showing correctly on the Fuel Bill, due to changes in the EIA API.

  • GSX Pro Change: Updated Manual covering Python-based Custom Stop positions, and the new PMDG Simbrief integration.

  • GSX (all versions) NEW: Added the following Handling operators: Dortmund Airport (Germany), NASA/NASA WORM (USA), Bogashevo Handling Tomsk (Russia), PlaneBiz Handling (New Zealand).


Thanks great all this

Manual button in FSDT Universal Installer does nothing.

I cannot replicate that. Opened right up for me:

I have that issue because my account is not an administrator. In that case the installer breaks the install anyway, so I have to edit my account to be an administrator for every update, then I click the button to load the manual and save it in my documents for use later, and disable admin again.

It’s a whole series of annoying hoop jumping but no alternative for those of us that don’t use admin accounts.

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Have you tried shift-right-click then run as administrator?

Tried that. Still does nothing.

I have found a clunky workaround to get to the manual.

  1. Start FSDT Universal Installer (no need to run as Administrator).

  2. Start the Adobe Acrobat Reader app.

  3. Click on the Manual button in FSDT Universal Installer. Manual now appears in Acrobat Reader.

Messy but at least I have a way to get to it now.

look into your Downloads folder

Nothing there.