FSDreamTeam GSX for MSFS

  • GSX (all versions) NEW: Added support for Multiple Audio Devices, to route UI/Comms, Cockpit and External GSX sounds to separate audio devices.

That sounds awesome (no pun intended…). I’m currently using headphones for Pilot2ATC and for GSX because of the pushback dialogue, and it will be great to have all the vehicle sounds externally through the main speakers again.

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Agreed, I’ve been asking and waiting for this for a while. Thanks, @Umberto67

Thanks great, you Do a great Job. Thanks

Does nothing for me. I select another audio device and after GSX restarts the setting just reverts to the original device.

The same for me

I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet.

Same for me as well

Same for me

Updated audio driver, start MSFS at an airport, exit couatl, deleted %APPDATA%\Virtuali\Couatladdons.ini, start coualtl again, and my settings could be saved.

I just checked on Discord. FSDT seem to be blaming user’s devices.

virtualisoftware Yesterday at 14:37

Of course we tested it, and they work but, fact GSX is reverting to the default device, seems to indicate it must have found a problem with one of your devices, but this should have been indicated in the audio panel with some message.

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Of course they do. This is FSDT first step in any support situation: blame the user for doing things wrong. Only if people insist and continue to post issues, Umberto might (!) eventually check if there is indeed something wrong on the FSDT side and only then it might get fixed. But accompanied by several statements that they could basically never recreate the bug on their end.

Always the same story, slightly annoying but you get a hang of it.


That it’s not true. He was replying to my post, and in fact he mentioned to post the first lines of that config file. When I open it, realized that something was wrong on my side. After adjusting my audio settings in windows, I just deleted the config file and when couatl generated a new one, I finally could save my audio settings.

I had most MSFS audio routed to my main speakers and MSFS ATC and GSX audio routed to a separate Bluetooth speaker.

Checked all my audio drivers are up to date and working.
Checked Couatladdons.ini file, nothing obviously wrong.
Backed up and deleted the ini file.
Disconnected all audio devices apart from my main speakers.
Started MSFS and GSX.
All GSX speaker options were now reset to my main speaker.
Shutdown MSFS & GSX
Reconnected my USB speaker and restarted MSFS & GSX
I was then able to select alternate audio devices in GSX settings.
After shutting down MSFS again I pasted all my other personalised ini settings from my backup to the new ini file that was automatically created.

My audio devices were fine, GSX seemed to have a problem initialising them. Disconnecting everything apart from my main speakers and deleting the original GSX ini file seems to have fixed the problem.

Since some recent updates, there is no more voice to ask for loading aircraft (fuel) when the fueling truck is in position and already ready? I am waiting for the whole time to wait for that!!

Yes, I also noticed that. There is however a “bip” noise which reminds me that the refueling guys are there waiting to do their job…
…but I preferred before, with the specific voice message to start refueling.

Yeah, today the fuel truck just left my aircraft even the refueling progress (Fenix A320) still not finished. Definitely something wrong or bugs with some latest GSX versions.

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Not sure if you’re using this program or not yet but this will change the way you use GSX with your Fenix A320 Best part its free over on GitHub absolutely changes GSX in an amazing way with automation.

Full and proper GSX Integration and Automation for the Fenix A320 free at github



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GSX PRO completely broken with SU14B. I am sure it will get addressed but ground equipment is not connecting to the plane, passengers are ski-walking in the air …

I’m sure this will be addressed by Asobo, since it doesn’t seem there are any documented changes that should affect GSX, so it’s seems to be a SU14 Beta bug.

There are changes to the “contact point” section in the SDK. Can very well be the cause and would need an update by developers.