FSUIPC 7 Beta now available

Just read that FSUIPC 7 is now available as a beta download, make sure to read the instructions as it works diffrent then in previous sim.


What is FSUIPC?

Do we have to uninstall the Tech Alpha version before downloading this version?

Yes the Alpha/Beta is closed

Yep and all folders and files

Sorry, but what are you all talking about? What is FSUIPC?

What is the use of FSUIPC in MSFS?
Does it have any use or is it just there as we are used to it for years now?

As what the options are currently in the new FSUIPC I have no idea yet as I dont have access to the sim yet, but it will be used a lot by 3rd party addons like it always have been in years gone by. Basicly it adds control and functionality to the sim that it doesnt offer by default. But like I said no idea yet what will be possible right now yet

Ok thank you. Is there a specific way to uninstall to ensure all files/folders are deleted or is it just a matter of selecting Uninstall in the Apps & Features of windows 10 pro? Thoughts? And thank you in advance.

Yes follow that particular route and if you installed the core files in another location make sure to delete those plus rolling cache…
Other wise look in the alpha/beta forum archive for instructions…

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Until they fix the SimConnect issue, both this and vPilot will kill your frames. Apparently something broke between the beta and release. Thread at Avsim and Vatsim attest to it being broken.

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FSUIPC is considered a must have utility for simmers for like 20 years, it is essential if you have proper flightsim hardware controllers and fly a variety of different aircraft, plus it has a few very nice quality-of-life hacks for the sim.

For example you have a 3-axis throttle and you want to fly CSU pistons, the 2-engine A320 and the 4-engine 747. With MSFS you’ll have to change the controller axis assignments every time you change aircraft. With FSUIPC the utility knows which aircraft you’re flying and switches controller assignments you have set up for that particular aircraft.

Read about the feature list of FSUIPC here in the product page, substituting “FSX” for “MSFS”.


Thank you Patrick for the heads up. I installed MSFS this morning and my Real Simulation side-stick controller isn’t recognized by MSFS. I can’t assign axis or buttons. Maybe FSUIPC will help?


FSUIPC is software that will interface the simulator software to hardware devices, including switches, gauges, dials, and controllers, etc.

For those that build cockpits it is essential. Flip a real hardware switch, FSUIPC will see that action and inject the proper command in to the flight simulator which then responds with…you guessed a flip of the same switch in the cockpit on the screen.

I am SO glad that it is being updated for the new MSFS!

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Thanks for the update. Will check it out soon.

Actually now with FS you just create different profiles for your controllers it just doesn’t auto change when you select different aircraft.

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We’ll see how it goes, the game just released 2 days ago.

I have been using FSUIPC in I don’t remember how many sims, and can not imagine not using it in MSFS.
To me it is essential to have the ability to customize control assignments, and responses for different aircraft.

It´s verry buggy at this time.
When you start fsuipc7 the framerate drops to unplayable :frowning:
Hope there will be an update soon.
I Fly with an Virtual Lufthansa Airline :frowning:


Regarding the profile switching, this can be done natively in the simulator by making separate profiles for each plane. Other quality of life stuff made for the previous gen sims is largely irrelevant for MSFS.

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