Fuel bug in the WT CJ4

I’ve done some flying in the latest version of the WT CJ4 lately and noticed what seems like a fuel bug of sorts. On most flights (or pretty much everyone I guess) I all of a sudden notice how I have lost quite an amount of fuel.

Yesterday, I flew ESMS-LOWI and on taxi out to the runway at ESMS and just before I was about to line up, I got a fuel imbalance warning. Checking the fuel, I suddenly lost about 500 kg in the left tank. I filled it up and took off. When passing FL100, I checked the fuel and now I lost about 500 kg in both tanks. I took off with about 2.2 tons of fuel and now I only had about 1 ton left (about 500 kg in each tank). In order to get to my destination, I had to “refuel” midair. Not very realistic but since loosing fuel like that isn’t either, I used that as an excuse :wink:

Someone in the WT CJ4 Discord channel confirmed this is a known bug they haven’t figured out but thought I would ask in here as well if others have seen the same thing and figured out what is causing it?

When this has happened to me, it always seem to happy quite early in the flight. While still on the ground or during climb. During cruise and descent, I’ve never lost any fuel like this.

I have started to really like the CJ4 but this issue takes away quite a bit of the fun flying it.

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I have the same problem. And that makes it unflyable in economy addons as well. None of them accept added fuel :frowning:
On the discord I have been told to wait for the recode, whenever that may be. No resources will be devoted to fixing it.
This is just such a tiring circle. Get the plane in an economy addon of your choice (who almost all penalize you when you want to sell it again), get the cockpit set up to use it (Air Manager) have the addon break and be stuck. Sucks away the joy of actually flying