Fuzzy Avionics Screens with DLSS

I’ve noticed the avionic screens in all aircraft have become noticeably less sharp in SU10 when using DLSS for Anti Aliasing. See comparisons below:

With DLSS:

TAA Anti Aliasing:

Is there anyway to harness the FPS performance increase that comes with DLSS but retain clarity on cockpit screen displays somehow?

Yep that’s what DLSS does, it is a glorified super sampling I am not sure why people here think is good for a flight simulator; really all it takes is understanding how it works, of course they are fuzzy your resolution is “fake”, lowered and super sampled, anything that would require high pixel count per inch will look rubbish.

DLSS is fine to play Fortnite or anything that you do not really care about visuals :slight_smile: or better, for raytracing as RTX cards cannot really raytrace that well without DLSS.

One has to give credit to marketing @ Nvidia, they are up there with the best, selling what you do not need for what you do as if you actually do by showing anything they want on a power point :slight_smile:


this was reported in the first beta, there’s information about what they say they might do to improve it in future on the thread:

wait until you start noticing the horrible ghosting/smearing that happens on digital instruments when the numbers are changing.

DLSS works fine in external view or with some GA aircraft with analogue instruments (or if you dont care about clarity).
I expect people will start complaining more when they notice the quality issues it has. For now it seems like the majority is completely blinded by the fps-increase.

using renderscale instead seems to be the best option if you want qualiy AND fps still.

I mostly fly tubeliners, and it feels like i need glasses if Im using DLSS, so I rather use TAA and lower renderscale - even if i have to sacrifice 5 fps.


I am a real life Captain, this sort of blurring that I am experiencing is totally unacceptable. Unless this can be immediately addressed by Asobo and/or Nvidia my advice would be keep DLSS off in all aircraft as it ruins the simulation realism especially at night.