G1000 by WT

I am finding that the map on the latest version of the G1000 is flickering.
Will remove and reinstall to see if it will fix the issue

It might be worth trying out the NXi replacement to the G1000, available in the marketplace and discussed here:
The original G1000 replacement by WT is due to be retired.

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Thankyou, I will have a look. Actually have the NXI installed.
I removed it and reinstalled and all seems ok now.

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I think this is a known bug. I noticed it when the range knob stopped changing the map zoom. Matt over in the NXi official thread has a suggestion to avoid it until they release a patch.

NXi version 0.9.0

Thankyou for your reply.
It did settle down for a short period but started again.
I will be patient looking towards the fix.

I found with the recent update, my co-pilot add on was effecting the function of the range knob on the C172 G1000 by WT, and who knows what else. It’s too bad because I like flying with my virtual copilot.

What co-pilot add-on?

It was a copilot mod add-on some time ago by Mugz available on flightsim.to that added a copilot to all my premium deluxe planes. There was one for the other versions of msfs2020 as well, as I recall. I’m not finding them anymore when I search “copilot”, except some for a few airliners. For whatever reason, the add-on caused problems consistently with the 172, not so much the other aircraft, although I haven’t flown them since SU9. It didn’t occur to me until I was having problems with the range knob on the G1000 in the 172. Sure enough, deleting the copilot mod fixed the problem. But now I have no copilot, even though I have it entered in the weight and balance. Thoughts?

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