G1000 NXi now in the marketplace

It’s just popped up for me. Get it. Download it. Love it.

REmember to delete the old WT G1000 and restart before installing.


My g1000s weren’t working for the last hour or so. I’m hoping this is the reason why.

The old Working TItle G1000 doesn’t work with SU5. Be sure to uninstall it before adding the NXi.


Correct, this fully replaces our prior freeware mod.

Hope you have fun with it, y’all. We have set up a dedicated channel on our Discord server just for this, #nxi-early-access, feel free to join us there to talk about it. We’ll also be monitoring there forums.

If you’re not already on our server, this link should take you directly there:


Is GPS OBS enabled now?

This made my Day (SU5) thank you WorkingTitle!

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Not yet, but it’s on the near-term list.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it, and keep looking forward to our updates. (Should be between weekly and biweekly for a while, depending upon our pace of development and the urgency of things we’re adding.)


it’s so pretty :smiley:

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I used to fly the Cessna 172 steam gauge now because of you I will fly the G1000 from now :slightly_smiling_face:

Good continuation WT.

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What a nice “bonus” and surprise… very cool! :slight_smile:

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That’s the one thing that keeps me from installing it. As soon as I hear that it’s enabled, it’ll be in as a permanent fixture. That one function, for me at least, outweighs everything else. It’s a major help when flying into fields with no navaids. Once I get close, I activate the OBS mode and dial in the runway heading to line myself up. After that, the only thing I have to worry about is altitude.

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Is the G1000 v0.4.0 on Github the NXi mod? If not, what’s that one for?

It’s the non-NXi version updated for SU5.

Thanks! A lot of the styling work has been done by Sean, our resident ATP and now CSS and SVG guru. :smiley: Not just a pretty face!

Aww, steam gauges need love, too! Honestly, I probably fly steam more than I do the 1000 sometimes. :joy: Still fly it lots too, though.

Yep, we know it’s a big deal for folks. Would have loved to have had it in the first release, but we could hardly fit everything in before SU5 was released. :slight_smile: It’ll be there soon, don’t worry.

That was just a little bonus we put out for folks because we thought it might be a few more days until the NXi made it onto the marketplace. It’s a small mod for the stock SU5 (not based on our previous G1000mod) that adds support for our extended engine display pages, as used in the Bonanza and some other freeware mods.

Then this made it out the same day, there’s honestly probably not much reason to download it unless one of the current shortcomings in the NXi makes you want to wait to use it.


For xbox series x as well available ?

@CaptMatto said in this post that the G1000 NXi is not compatible at the moment with the G36 Improvement Project.
You’re saying it is instead? Or did I get you wrong?
I love both your G1000 and the Bonanza mod and would really like to see them work together :sunglasses:

Nothing happens when I push the “charts” softkey; is it unimplemented or is something broken in the interaction model?

In fact except for navigating the menu of softkeys, no softkey on the MFD does anything for me. Testing in DA40 NG.

It should be, yes. I’d be interested in reports on how it works with that if you try it.

NXi should be compatible with all stock planes. Currently it does not support the extended engine pages that our freeware mod did, which Matteo used in the Bonanza improvement mod. This is something we definitely want to have added in our next release in a week’s time or so.

Until then, if you are willing to give up the NXi in preference to the G36 mod, you can grab G1000 v0.4.0 from our github site. It’s a quick mod to the stock SU5 G1000 that adds support back in for the engine pages, and should work with the G36 mod, though I haven’t tested it yet.

Or just wait a week or so and it should “just work”. :slight_smile:

Charts is not yet implemented. We wanted to gray out the softkeys that are currently INOP to avoid confusion, but that didn’t make it into this release. It’ll be coming.


Thanks; the charts was the whole reason I’ve been looking forward to the NXi, it’s super handy on the G3000 for VR. :smiley: I’ll wait, don’t worry. :wink:

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The details on that are yet to be worked out. If we do end up using Navigraph data, you will almost certainly need to have a subscription, like with the CJ4 and G3000. You most likely won’t need to run any extra components, though, as the charts can be loaded over the web.

As I say, though, this still needs to be hashed out, so I don’t want to set any firm expectations. :slight_smile:

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