G3X display inconsistent or esoteric datas

Zendesk ticket #128346

When selecting a nearest airport and activate the direct to function, the datas displayed on the G3X top line are inconsistent (VL-3 aircraft).

BRG clearly show “NaN” that mean NOT A NUMBER !!!
Distance and ETE are complety wrong.
The direction (heading) to nearest airport is also a total mess.

Ie: While flying over Normandy, I choose NRST to LFAS airstrip, located east from my position. The BRG indicate “NaN”, the distance is … er , sure I need more fuel!
And even the direction displayed in the airport list is wrong.

As you can see, the aircraft is heading east, the line is well displayed (the LFAS is on the right). Er, what? heading 190° ??? Sure, don’t use that if you are lost :confused: