Game Crash after long flights

I flight from Frankfurt to JFK, twice!

It’s a 7 hour flight and on both flights the game crashes when I land at JFK.

No log, no time is set. I flight 14 hours for nothing.

I see some other people here who got the same issue.

Fix that

Intel i7 9700 9th Gen (Coffee Lake)
32GiB Ram


Could be your system is getting too hot or there is a memory problem. Could be a memory leak as well. This game has never crashed or frozen on me once since I got it. Then again I don’t do 14 hour flights lol.

I have 32 megs of memory and the same thing happens. System is running cool with no heat up. Their seems to be a memory leak in the programming that is crashing everyones system. Ive seen this before where the program itself fills up the memory and the program does not clear it and it causes a number of problems like ctds and the like.

It’s not my system.

It’s the game.


Same problem here. So annoying! :frowning:

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Has anyone been opening tickets for random crashes? It seems like after last weeks patch, my game crashes daily and its always on approach.


Yep posted about this days ago…

I have the same issue and i have high end system. ryzen 9 3900x 2080 super 32gb ram

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In my case it was not a long haul flight but Timmins to Toronto City Centre (less than 2 hours) , and crashed to desktop first time approaching the city of Toronto, and second time on approach to City Centre airport in the Cirrus. And none of that time is logged in the log book. (Logbook is so unreliable that I keep my own manual one).
As well, I do sense that it crashes to desktop often since the patch.

I wonder if this topic could/should be moved/merged to the other CTD post in the bug forum so votes can be counted.

Any solutions here yet. My system is similar to yours and I have the same issue.

One thing I have found reasonably consustant is if you pause the flight and adjust a setting then almost all the time after that spent Hhf goes wrong the following 10mins. Autopilot Mulfunction or crash.

But still if I don’t pause it still crashes as and when it feels like it. My system is running so cold as well and still!!

Same here. The longest flight I have conducted was 4.5 hours - everything went well - I landed, parked at the gate, shut down the aircraft (ie A320 Neo) and once I chose to exit the Simulator it crashed. Ergo, my log book never reflected the flight and hours…not happy about that. Most of my flights are 1 hour duration or less and they are smooth and no crashes.
My rig temps are all in check and ok.
I’m fairly certain this is a bug in the program that will hopefully be resolved soon.

Agreed. maybe a Mod will do it?

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I think an autopilot issue may be the problem. On a short flight tried resetting the altitude hold on the 172 and after that the plane just did not fly well. Turning autopilot off did not clear the fact that it wanted to climb to a stall or show it was stalling even at a low up angle. Full throttle and full down on the stick and it still wanted to climb to a stall, ended up in the Everglades. Frustrating.

First few long haul flights I was fine then recently they crashed. It might have to do with the heavy draw of the flight plan. I landed at EGLL from KMIA, once I landed and asked for gate it crashed

Thx for all the replys. Good to see I’m not alone.

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Not alone. I’ve been pretty desperate trying to find solutions.

2080 super
32 gigs cl14 ram
running off an NVME and so on. All high end hardware. Short of attempting a format to see what happens, I’m at a loss. Until MS acknowledges the CTD issues, I’m not doing anything.

I was even willing to move back to Intel if it’s an AMD issue, but it’s good to see others with Intel systems having issues. I’ve grown pretty irritated with it all. I don’t bother with long flights anymore and it’s turned to more “lets test an ILS landing” rather than a proper IFR flight and I’m going to get bored and stop bothering with it.

I’d like to see MS at least say something other than “performance improvements” on updates.


With only 17 replies here so far and currently only 8 votes on the “ending long flights” CTD thread, I wonder if not enough people are trying long flights (anymore??). Or I wonder if many others are not having CTD’s.

I was having CTD’s, but not anymore since patch#1, proving my system is fine, unlike the claims of so many who were thinking otherwise.

I have been avoiding the airliners altogether because they are irritating to me. I have flown some 4 hour 172 G1000 flights (kept the sim running and off to another flight - no exit to menu - that kind of situation), and its been fine all day (about 16 hours), since Patch # 1. I/we know airliner flights make a huge difference in a stability test because of speed, distance, and complexity of cockpits/systems.

A flight sim, which has the whole world and 748/787 as available default selections, must be stable. It simply will not matter if PMDG and FSL develop for MSFS, because if MSFS cannot “endure” 4-16 hour (multi-leg or single leg) sessions with ease, the add-ons become useless to a large degree (i.e. virtual airlines/Vatsim). Of course we will have to do our part with a PC that is up to it, but stability is a make or break issue for any major flight simulator.

I surely hope Patch #2 solves this stability/CTD issue for all affected, because if stability is an issue for long haul airliner flights in MSFS, it is not likely MSFS will succeed.

Once Patch #2 is released, I intend to test the 748 on some long hauls (one after another - no exit to menu). In other words I will fly, park, fly ect., no exit to menu, sleep, wake, then fly, park, fly, ect., until I can’t anymore. If I can go for a week I will be quite happy, if I CTD within a week I will intend to report (hopefully vote) here. Of course Patch #2 will need to have fixed the airliner systems to a reasonably acceptable level to me.

Yes I do have a life, but I can “pause” real life for flight simming as necessary. Once in the sim, pausing the sim is not an option for me. :grin:


Let me say again that in my opinion its memory leaks in the programs. Memory is assigned by the programmer to different parts of a program. Instead of releasing the memory, which the program should do, the memory is not released and keeps its assignment to the previous part of the program. When it is needed again, it can not be use as the previous part of the program has not released it. This is a programming problem and has to be found and addressed by the programmers.

I agree with your assessment, But the exit to main menu is not addressed in your post and should not be left out of your testing. I for one always exit to main menu at the end of a long flight to

  1. log the flight.
  2. start another from another location.
  3. exit the sim.

With now over 70 hours and at least 30+ lost, the only time I ever CTD is after 2+ hour flights total VFR or on auto pilot. I do enjoy setting the AP and just letting the plane fly for hours over a given continent and watching the scenery go by at an altitude just enough to clear any mountains in my path. .