Game insists on using integrated GPU and not the dedicated GPU

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Integrated GPU usage >80%, dedicated GPU usage <5%. Dedicated GPU assigned to MS Flight Sim on both Windows and Nvidia Control Panel.

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Every time

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)

Laptop with a secondary monitor as my main through HDMI.

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3550H with Radeon Vega 8
  • GeForce GTX 1650
  • 16GB RAM

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What is the display cable plugged into?

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That shouldn’t happen but it’s quite possible to force integrated graphics to be used all the time in the bios. Is this just for MSFS or for all titles, have you checked your motherboard manufacturers documentation? Device manager -> Display is showing both integrated and external GPU right and you have integrated disabled?

Sorry I don’t own an AMD motherboard but it doesn’t sound like an MSFS problem to be honest.

Other titles work fine, it’s just MS Flight Sim.

I just tried disabling the integrated GPU driver and my external monitor was disabled. Anyway, booted up the game on my laptop monitor and on Ultra settings my CPU and RAM were at 100% and my GPU (the only GPU now) was still <5%. Is this normal?

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Wait. You have a laptop with two graphics cards?

Or do you mean that you have an external monitor connected to your laptop and you want the game to play on the external monitor by default? If the latter is true, then start the game in windowed mode, drag the game over to the external monito and press ALT and ENTER keys at the same time.

My secondary monitor is set as my main so all my games boot there by default. For some reason disabling the integrated GPU driver also disables the secondary display, but that is not the issue I just tried it to see what would happen.

HDMI outlet on my laptop

Below is during gameplay at ultra 1080p. After 1-2 minutes CPU seems to calm down. Throughout, the dedicated GPU is at <5% and integrated stabilizing at around 50%.

What motherboard. There is talk on the google that certain motherboards don’t work well with this system on a chip processor and nvidia graphics.


Following thread will it explain:

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Interesting, I will check it out next time I run it. Anyway it makes sense because I can run it on ultra at 4K and I’m sure integrated graphics will not be capable of that.

Just in case anyone still has an Issue: Delete this Usercfg.opt
In my case it had the internal as primary, now it is back to the correct GPU and the game works fine.

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Due to the update this is no longer located in the roaming so try this directory.
I have also moved my file (MS store) onto external hard ssd.