Gamestop showing MSFS for Xbox Series X/S releasing on 15th of June (next Tuesday)

I do not understand that dx12 fix all hype.
Performance is same, if implemented is correct to do.
Same as vulkan, it is not faster if coded wrong.

If performance is better after moved dx12, thats because some change have to do and same time optimization. But dx12 without optimization use more CPU, so we can get lower fps after that if devs not do right stuff.

That theaded stuff fixing can be fix fps problem or not, I do not know how it is implemented.

it is almost back to the same, though not really
Release → reduced with 1.12 → increased with 1.13 → crippled with 1.14 (though still moddable) → slight increase with 1.15 (mod obsolet) → slight increase with 1.16 (mod obsolet)
i’m not even talking about the fact that for some reason tree distance is bound to the latitude (north of finnland 3-4nm, Nigeria 10nm

@Radegund1983 this is exactly that, games don’t scale with hardware performance, yes you have parameters you can set to customise the settings to fit (in best case scenario), FS2020 might not be the best example of that since the leed plattform might have been actually mid- to highend pc’s. but other games do so quite obvious. Game software has to be “dummed down” to work on consoles since they dont offer half the performance of any high-end pc.

There is one thing to take away from this whole discussion and hundrets of threads and post here. since release (besides minor graphical improvement on very specific issues, spikes, highrise building) performance gradually went down (may not be the average FPS but things like stutters, frametimes, freezes) and while visual fidelity also went down (tree, lod, texture)

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often times posts get off topic, this post was about GameStop showing a release next week. lets stay happy and positive. :smiley:


Because there are limits to scaling. See CP2077… The architecture is different on consoles, and consoles don’t tend to use pagefiles. Running FS2020 with 8GB RAM (Series S available for games) needs a lot of optimizations to use less ram. To achieve, FS2020 likely needed some fundamental changes to the engine, changes that can’t simply be turned on or off, resulting in ‘downgrades’


Oh nice, that means they will probably showcase it with the logo “AVAILABLE NOW” lol
No wonder the new update beta testers are using brings new substantial performance improvements according to the post. Dx12 ma boy

I’m excited just because of how busy the skies and airports will be! I could care less if they are new to flight simming, it’s always a win when there is fresh blood joining our niche hobby.



the more people give their $$$$, longer the support from MS/Asobo will be


Where did you read that? It’s a honest question

I think we’ll see a trailer and release date announcement as part of the Summer Games Fest taking place today. That would fit with the trailer indicated on the development roadmap.

Will it really release next week? I am still not convinced that MS would release their first next gen exclusive without a longer lead in to generate a bit more hype and publicity. However I’m feeling less certain about this than I was.

Exciting times!


I highly doubt raytracing is coming right away. Moreso by end of year. Although I am quite sure it’s launching on Xbox this month. To be more precise, right after E3.

If the xbox launch is in 5 day I hope that we will get the DX12 PC update also then. But I guess this will not be the case because they allready announced a beta test which has not started yet. And its not confirmed that the beta is about DX12…so hopefully we know more after todays dev update…


I wouldn’t base it on the beta. Nothing will come public from that since everyone is under NDA

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I’ve had Playstations since 2002, but swapped to XBOX just so I can play this. Managed to snag a series X 3 weeks ago and got a Thrustmaster HOTAS One last week as I assume it will be compatible. Guessing the reveal will be on Sunday during the XBOX E3 event. Can’t wait, I’ve already planned out a round the world trip as well as an America’s, Europe, Africa loop along with an Oceania, Asia loop as well. Hoping all the airports I found online map searching will be in the game :rofl:

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I wonder if they are ready for that. I don’t expect a full DX12 version for PC soon because Video boards differ between PC users. In fact I suspect the first MSFS for XBox will be a 1.16 flavour (mixed DX11 and DX12.0), running on XBox-One or better. After that XBox-S-E DX-12 will come and all users will be guineapigs again… especially PC-users !

Im really really eager to see this games performance on XBSX. The high end gaming PCs have had their turn. now I wait to see what this powerful console can do.

Its nice that it will bring a more “serious” flight game to consoles and spread the aviation word some more. The time is coming when we will need more and more pilots.

Do let us know how you find the games performance on console, curious to know!

Will be the biggest release for Aerosoft.

Look at the first picture to get the joke.

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when Im right the beta has not even started? or did I missed something?

Not started yet. That’s all I can comment

Yeah that ”dx12 coming and we get 20099% perforformance” is BS. If know what to do dx11 dx12 vulkan are almost equal performance. If convert dx11 to dx12 it is generate multible problems, so we get first some performance problems.
Dx12 is not magical fixer