Geforce=Free & allows you to record your flights

My buddy installed an app on my pc called “Geforce”. Works with Windows and it’s super easy.

At anytime, you simply hit “alt + F9” and it starts recording whatever is on your screen, even if you’re not playing the game.

I like to record my flights and then upload them to youtube. If you’ve never done it, it’s actually super easy.

Just download the geforce app, record a flight. Then when you’re logged into youtube, on the upper righthand it has the “create a video” icon. Click that and then simply left click on the video you recorded, and now you’ve uploaded your flight to youtube :slight_smile:

It is called GeForce Experience, and is included in NVidia GeForce drivers.
And it only works with NVidia GeForce video cards.


I’m pretty sure most folks who’ve owned an nVidia card in the last few years and like to record video of their games knows about this. It’s not like it’s new or anything.

Personally, I prefer OBS, but to each their own.

Any idea why there’s some stutters after I finish recording a replay with GeForce?

In the actual moment when I’m recording with the flight control mod there’s no stutters whatsoever but once I use GeForce to record that same replay in a different view (wingview) the output after I review it in media player, it shows some stutters that weren’t even there in the first place…

It’s probably because the GPU is closing the video file. Another thing the GFExp package gives you is a non-intrusive framerate overlay. Look for the HUD settings - you’ll find it there.

And now I’m going to make you scratch your head a little… When you have the framerate overlay active, recording video with GFExp doesn’t capture the HUD info - only the game in-progress. But… There’s another recorder built into your computer if you have the XBox Gamebar - which you should if you have the sim. Winkey+Alt+R starts the XBox recording function. The difference it the two is that if you have anh HUD function running, the XBox recorder will capture it. So if you’re running the frame counter and just want to showcase the graphics, record with the GFExp. If you want to show off your GPU’s performance at the same time, record with the Gamebar recorder. The same goes for screenshots taken with the two systems.


I think you also have an option to record with Geforce at either 60FPS or 30FPS - so if your PC is maybe averaging 60 but is dipping below that you could see that as stuttering.
I record at 30FPS because I have yet to see my PC drop that low ( since that thing was fixed by ASOBO ) and the playback matches what I see in the game


What does OBS stand for?

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It always messed up for me and tried to record the wrong monitor so I swapped to the freeware version of OBS.

I will say that WHEN it worked, the Geforce recording software had a much lower impact on the game and was less inclined to stutter. OBS works better and has more features but can be a resource hog.

Been using it since the feature came into existence.
Use the stream option (to youtube/etc) to save drive space and save you the upload time.

Hi there, I was never aware that I had another capture recorded available in my system. Can you tell me what the winkey key stands for?

And you just render it to 60 FPS on your editing software right?

no - I don’t edit my videos - I use them to compare how my sim works after GPU drivers, Sim Updates, and other changes are introduced - to see what effect they might be having.
Its just another way to track performance - in addition to the fun of watching them on the big tv.
This one for instance looks good when its real big…

…captured with GeForce


It’s also called the Start key. It’s on the bottom left of most keyboards between Ctrl and Alt, and just has the Windows logo on it.

Thank you , I will try this out. I wasn’t aware of this.
Hopefully the output won’t create stutters that aren’t even there during the actual replay.

Nice video. That plane is difficult to land. Not stable. I like the JMB which is a little bit slower but much easier to fly.

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Nothing seems to pop up after pressing those keys.

Open Broadcaster Software

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I’ve been using this GeForce Experience to record videos for years now… But the problem is that recording and uploading to youtube separately takes a lot of space and time. And since I record a full flight, the size and time it takes to upload manually is massive.

So I started to use the Livestream function from the GeForce experience. That way, as I fly, the tool instantly streams it to YouTube and YouTube does the recording and processing for you in real time. Bu the time you finish your flight, it’s ready to rewatch on your channel. No need to sacrifice some storage space for it, then time to upload them.

But the problem with livestreaming is that I can’t use HDR mode. So I had to look for another tool. I looked at OBS, and I don’t think OBS handles HDR livestream as well. So I found Mirillis Action! And I’ve been using it ever since.


It’s been a while since I used it. I’m not sure if it shows anything when you start recording or not.

You should see a brief pop up at the top right to indicate recording has either stopped, or started. At the bottom right you may see two indicators, again one to indicate recording is in progress, and the other that the microphone is enabled. If you don’t enable the mic, that icon won’t appear.

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