Germany West Airfields - 22 small GA, Ultralight and Glider airstrips

Germany West Airfields is a collection of 22 small GA, ultralight and glider airstrips in the western part of Germany.

Installation: unzip into the community folder

To see the objects, please install the free World Updates from the MSFS Marketplace

Country City Airfield MSFS ICAO Internet
Belgium Büllingen Büllingen EBBN
Germany Hinterweiler Hinterweiler ED25 Startseite
Germany Morschenich Morschenich ED30
Germany Bergheim Bergheim EDIO
Germany Düren-Hürtgenwald Bergstein EDIR
Germany Emmerich Emmerich EDIS
Germany Grevenbroich Gustorfer Höhe EDIT Flugplatz » Aero-Club Grevenbroich-Neuss
Germany Stolberg Stolberg EDIV
Germany Heiligenhaus Meiersberg EDJD
Germany Bad Breisig Mönchsheide EDJY
Germany Krefeld Egelsberg EDLK
Germany Wesel Römerwardt EDLX Startseite - LSF Wesel Rheinhausen
Germany Köln Poller Wiesen EDP9 Poller Wiesen in Köln | KölnTourismus
Germany Wershofen Wershofen EDRV
Germany Vogelsberg Hoherodskopf EDUR
Germany Düsseldorf Wolfsaap EDUU
Germany Langenfeld Leichlingen EDUX
Germany Kerken Kerken EDVV
Germany Weilerswist Weilerswist EDYV
Germany Schalkenmehren Daun-Senheld EDZO
Netherlands Venlo Venlo EHVN
Germany Naunheim Maifeld EXOA Naunheim / Maifeld UL | DE-0405 | Piloten-Infos

One airstrip is fictional and two are located in the Netherlands and Belgium, directly across the border to Germany.

Most of these airports used to be available in earlier versions as separate downloads on a widely used shareware portal. I now made a single installation out of these and they can be downloaded from my website.


For those unfamiliar with the region.

To explore the Volcanic Eifel Region, EDZO is a good starting point.

To explore the Rhenish Mining Region with its opencast minings for brown coal and lignite and the power stations, EDIT is a good starting point. Make sure to install the We Love VFR Region 1 Addon to see all the power stations.

As many of the airfields are along the River Rhine, install the Mamudesigns Marinas Addon to see all the boats, harbours and breakwaters.

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