Getting stock downloading the latest version of msfs Release Note

Good morning guys,

Last night I started to downloading the new release but after downloaded 80 files of 122,
I been in a loop downloading pc-fs-base-bigfiles-0.1.118.fspackage.

I already disable my firewall, I also disabled “autotuninglevel” and not different.

I would like to have someone help, because due to this problem I can’t use my simulator.

Please see the image below.

Any help on this matter will be appreciated.

I’ve the same problem, but for me it’s worst because I decided to uninstall completely the sim and now I can’t reinstall it anymore because it continues to loop

In my case, it got stock with 42 files left to be downloaded and not progress since last night. I left the computer on all night long up to now that it still trying to get the update. I been power off / restart and not positive result. The must I got is about 30% of the file and it resets back to 0%.

I also unchecked the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) as they suggested.

This is a problem that someone from ASOBO or Microsoft needs to pay attention and to do something. The MSFS community should not be suffering the arbitrary consequences for the negligence of someone to whom we had paid good money for a product that is giving headaches.

Can anybody pass this message to them, so they may replace the file that is giving problem ?

I am still reading about it, looking for a solution. Unfortunately I can not use wire with my internet for personal reason I am depending of my wireless on 100%. This is something very frustrating.

I am having my system fully on trying to get the updates but I am on the same loop.

Please, ASOBO and Microsoft have mercy. Can someone from support to give us a solution ?

I’m experiencing the same problem. Left it running for several hours last night, but no luck; I never got more than 4 GB down the pipe.

MS, we’d really like some help here.

I have the same problem on the same file. Goes to 3% then back to 0%, in a loop. I have a limit of 750Gig per month and this can waste it all in one night… Very frustrating.

Me too mate. Absolutely ■■■■■■ off with it!!!

Maybe it’s more your ISP than Microsoft. Maybe you should try talking to them.

If you are going to report issues, it would help, to get a bigger picture, if people mentioned who their ISP is, and what countryt/state they were in.

I am in Maryland, USA, with Comcast/Infinity cable modem, and use wired Ethernet to my PC ( Not WiFI Wireless) and do not have any download/update issues ( yes, maybe I am lucky)

@Danzona69 @DanBazSanPedro @Epicshotz58
Have you tried installing „Netlimiter“? Start the sim, throttle the download to something like a quarter or eighth of you regular speed. And see how it progresses, when it’s going further then before you up the limit.

OR – just connect an Ethernet cable, direct between your Router & PC, and download reliably @ your maximum Internet speed.

For MSFS, you are far better off, when running MSFS, to always use an Ethernet cable, even though that might be a little inconvenient for some.

having the same issue, download speeds stick around 12 Mbits/s i have tried everything even got my ISP (Sky UK) to reset my line but still no luck.

You can always use something like SPEEDTEST to test you raw Internet speed.

Rememeber ( I think I am correct here) – when doing the Update, the Updater downloads each patch file seperatly and then decompresses it on your HD. If you PC is “slow”, or your HD is “slow”, this will significantly slow down the whole update process.

On East coast USA, with a 1 Gig Internet connection, and a fast M3.2 (?) Solid State drive, I have never had the update stall, or hang, and the last UK took about 30 minutes.

I just started the update, walk away and do something useful for 30 minutes, and when I came back, it was done. Hardly a hardship or an ordeal.

Yes, I am luck to have a decent Internet connection, but if it were slower, I would just set it to update overnight.

im actually stuck at 148/170 fsbase01.87.fspatch 001 64,24gib,that s 4 times i try to re install this game and i try all the supposed solutions ,none of them works at all,so i have a game that i bought 120 euros ,and i can t play with !!!,it worked fine since august and now ,impossible ,i don t know why,Microsoft find a solution for us this is a shame some people here bought this game and can t play with it…what s the problem with thus installer??find a better way to install this game .its more complicated to install than to play ,SHAME ON YOU MICROSOFT…that s an entire week im trying to re install.

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This is terrible. I did a Google search and there was a mention of disabling the Anti Virus. I did that and it progressed for a while. It then stopped all over again. This is really frustrating. Isn’t there any solution? I have tried multiple WiFi connections. I have tried with the Ethernet cable connected… all of no avail!

One Option is to delete it and download the whole thing again. !!!
First I would try few Microsoft diagnostics .

I ran some if these, and even on an fresh Windows install, it found some errors and corrected them.


Thanks Geoff. Let me try that. And by delete did you mean delete the entire program and reinstall the flight sim completely or only the files relating to

BY DELETE & RE-Install, I mean

(1) Backup anything you have in Community.
(2) Use Windows 10 Add/remove prograns to UN-INSTALL MSFS
(Do NOT just go around manually deleting files — that will most likely come back to bite you !)
(3) Re-Boot.
(4) Re-Install MSFS

Note: This will be a 100% fresh Install of MSFS, and therefor you will have the Install option to install it on any hard Drive you want. :grinning:
Maybe an ideal time to get that fast BIG solid state drive, and install it there.
(No messy trying to move it later !)

Once again, be sure to run those Windows System File Diagnostics BEFORE do any of this Uninstall/re-install, as fixing any System File issues may well fix your CTD problems.

OK - Thanks. I had run the Windows System File Diagnostics and I actually have a brand new laptop with SSD hard drive brought only for the MS Flight SIM.

Let me do the reinstall over the weekend. I really hope it works

One more question. I had set a data limit earlier in my SIM earlier. Would you think that is now blocking the download? (I saw a thread in the forum indicating that setting a data limit would impact the downloads)