Giving up on simming after update V?

What do you mean by blobs? Do you have any screenshots?

Understood. Thanks. If mods close then so be it. Asobo need to understand impact of being pressured into an untimely release.

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opposite, after update V ( + hotfixes) i could have all aircrafts with butter-smooth experience with ultra settings. I never had any crash, zero issues, and yes there are some bugs which Los Asobos are going to fix them.
This is the only Simulator that i am using right now and waiting for new stuff to come ( pmdg,fenix etc)


The scenery looks vague, very low res. A32nx 6000 ft, 220kts. Alaska. Scenery a few miles in front of aircraft looks like it used to. Beyond that awful. A block from few miles out to a few more miles out on left side of screen loads looking good. Seconds later block to right of that. Repeat. By time entire row drawn you have caught up with that, and the torturous process starts again.


I’m also stop playing it for more then a week. Only have one CTD but there are so many minor bugs that makes me realised that playing this game is just wasting my time.


Hmm. Did you increase to ultra AFTER the update? Do you think need to increase quality settings to get back to where you were before perhaps?

The only things that ruin it for me since the update are ATC and the LOD popping, I’m happy with the performance improvement though.


Yeah… without actual recording, I’m only imagining what I think it looks like based on your description. That doesn’t mean my imagination would be exactly the same thing you experienced.

But sceneries usually come from graphics settings. You might need to play around with the LOD, textrure resolution, as well as making sure your Bing Maps and photogrammetry settings are on in your data settings. Then maybe clear out rolling/manual cache?

Even I changed my settings from Medium-High to Ultra after SU5, with the better performance, I have room to increase the graphics quality.

‘LOD popping’ thats the key thing for me. I used to fly for visual beauty of it, now its j7st awful. Used to take photos as i went, i know its sad, but now pointless.

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Well i thank you sir, i will try that. But i think that wont help with what somebody else described as LOD popping. Deal breaker for why i fly.

I’m hoping it will be addressed in WU6 and we don’t have to wait for the next sim update, it’s worse in cockpit view for me not so bad looking out the passenger window. Frustrating for IFR flyers like me at high altitudes :frowning:

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Btw i have solid 110mbs fibre connection. Its not a data bottleneck at my end.

Dont afraid about that issue. I think on next update they are going to add a slider for better LOD ( terrain/objects). So you will have the full control of how the sim will work for you.
You want the best LOD ever with terrain crispy and clear + objects Lod with out popping ? you will have it but with 20-30 fps max ( depends of your system)
to be honest i am try to enjoy flying routes with out zooming and or trying to check everything around me. In reality you wouldn’t do that.

That might be why some dont see as issue at all. Lucky VFR people!

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I so want them to fix it, I dont mind admitting I was heartbroken when I saw the results of update 5. Flying somewhere nice in another world was keeping me sane… ish . For my flying 30fps is fine for my flying :slight_smile:

I just noticed in the last dev update they’re introducing a slider in WU6 which will improve it drastically, might need to make a few graphical tweaks to ensure the performance drop off isn’t too big :slight_smile:

Not even close. Sim is working so far. Sure, I’d have some of the visuals and minor annoyances fixed, certain things added or refined, but all of that is completely digestible until september 7th and beyond, for me at least. Besides, there are other sims like P3D, Xplane, DCS, Il-2, which are all excellent in their own right, with their respective strengths and weaknesses, so no, not giving up anything because some people decide to create a huge drama around SU5.

I paid 120 pounds for software that now i have to wait a month to hope to return to how it was when i first bought it. Does that make me a drama queen. If so then yes I am a drama queen.


agree 100%. I am a dedicated X-Plane user and use it if i need a break from MSFS.
but again i am still trying to understand the public dramatic announcements of how bad MSFS is?

A new generation sim with which you could fly everywhere/anywhere around the planet earth with full layers volumetric clouds + dynamic light/environment/weather and instead to have patience and let them work and fix the bugs ( which they exist ) we throw every day dramatic announcements


I also paid 120 pounds and my sim works, I can complete hourlong flights if I want to, the planes fly, the add-ons can be installed, the weather works for me, the visuals are 90% there vs SU4, performance is vastly improved. Are minor annoyances there? Yeah, and features are missing, but the sim is FAR, FAR away from being “unusable”. There are ppl with CTD’s, but that’s not everybody. If you decide to take a break, take one, nobody stopping you.