Glass cockpit on two iPads: WORKING!

I got the glass cockpit working with two iPads, you could add as many as you need. Here’s a quick video of it working: Fully working glass cockpit on two iPads on Flight Simulator 2020

If you guys want, I can make a tutorial tomorrow. Excuse my english, it’s late here and I’m tired… :smiley:


This is great news! Thanks for the video – I’m not ready for a tutorial yet, but others probably are!!!

Good Stuff Campusto :slight_smile:

That’s awesome. Does it work with one iPad? Have seen your vid and I want to try this out.

A tutorial would be great!

I’ll make a tutorial tomorrow. Last flight of the night, off to bed: iPad glass cockpit in action in Flight Simulator 2020


holy ■■■■ i need this! cant wait for a tutorial

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Hi !
I have an old Ipad, first generation, do you think it could work ? This would be so awesome to use it again with FS2020 !! :slight_smile:

very nice I have 2 old ipad, can you do your tutorial?
thank you

Hi! I finished the tutorial: Glass cockpit on 2 iPads in Flight Simulator 2020 tutorial


Thanks Campusto taking the time to make this and share. Checking the tut now :+1:


aaaaaah solution for Android will be also perfect…

Working perfectly! Many thanks for your share!

Is there fps drop with this solution?

Cool going to be waiting on that tutorial


I just have only complete desktop of PC on Android tablet. I need connect it as 2-nd monitor to PC and here I have still problems, there are tons of solutions (need pay) and quite confused now with Android. But with this tutorial it can be used on Tablet like complete desctop share, perfect, but with sim now unusable with Android without to have it connected to my PC as 2-nd display. Delays are ok, with MFD f.ex. normal, your map also moves with some refresh.

Simply I need maybe someone will post trusted info how to connect Android to PC as 2-nd display.

This would work as 2.display (android)


yes but need pay…

This works! Thank you campusto, or should i say KIITOS! Here is campusto´s method with my view hack in action:

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Maybe 1 FPS :confused:

Yep i did noticed that. Pretty awesome hack. Im pretty sure that virtual/fake screen method would impact to fps. But hope you have time to check that also. My next project is working track IR with webcam or android phone, without big extra cost. This forward view solution (Forward View, No Instrument Solution (Plus "Walkaround" for every plane ! )), with your ipad solution with working free TrackIR… that is the case for me to discover world in this amazing simulator.