Glide slope on ILS is not working

Hi Glide slope is intercept but doesn’t work !

Anyone has an idea of the problem ?

Thank you

Way too little info.
Preferably a screenshot of the instrument panel when this happens.

It happen on every aiports with the a32nx on every runway since the word update

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So this bug report belongs to the third party forum. Maybe a moderator can move it.

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Still need more information. What were you doing, how do you do them? A recording would be nice too. And if you’re using the A32NX, please keep it updated with the latest version.

I am also experiencing this issue. Using the Working Title CJ4 mostly. Since the OP was using the A320 it does not seem to be aircraft-related.

The plane just stops tracking the glideslope when nearing the runway. I thought it was something I was doing wrong, but it happens even when the plane is in a stable approach. The plane seems to try and level off at some point when it should keep descending. My altitude bug is set to zero and it still happens.

Is it possible to capture the glide slope on any of the planes? The glide slope indicator diamond appears and slides down, but the plane never responds, even when the diamond is at the very bottom. I fly about 10 planes regularly, and I’m having this problem with all of them. Prior to about a month ago, I seldom had any such problem. On at least one plane, I believe the 787, every time I select the approach button, it disengages on its own.

Any suggestions?

I don’t have a problem with any of the aircraft.

Assuming that you are intercepting the GS correctly from below, if the aircraft doesn’t start to descend with the GS latest with the diamond/needles centered, it’s not going to do it all.

Are you in nav or heading mode when you are trying to intercept the ILS?
Are you using APR or first LOC and after LOC has captured APR?

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I am also having this problem after coming back from a couple of months off. Mainly flying the TBM with G3000 from WT. I am intercepting the GS from below, in Approach mode. GS is WHITE in dispay but never changes to Green and no GS Ribbon ever appears. The rest of the ILS Approach is fine and ffollows the course, only problem is no GS. This also happened to me in the WT CJ4. I have had this happened while using an imported Simbrief FP, a World FP, and I even did a C&D start and manually entered the FP in the FMC. On all 3 different ways I have loaded and activated the ILS Approach while at cruising altitude, about half way to Destination. Am I doing something wrong?

If there’s no GS indication (ribbon) at all, it looks like this is a localizer approach and not an ILS approach.

You should arm the approach around 10-15NM from the runway at 2000-3000ft AGL and only when the LOC and GS indications are already displayed.
Not during cruise or during the descent!

So, what you are saying is, Load the Approach in the FMC but DON’T Activate it until 10-15 KM from the runway?

It used to work the way I was doing it, for the most part. There must have been an update somewhere along the way while I was away that changed it. I will give it a shot your way and see what happens.

We are talking about different things. You are talking about the the approach in the FMC and I’m talking about the approach mode for the ILS which is the essential one.

Don’t know about the G3000, but the FMC approach mode on e.g. the A320 triggers the speed reduction to the minimum approach speed, which means you activate it when you want to slow down.

Btw. Not 10-15km, 10-15NM.

Now I am more confused. Looks like I need to head to YT again. I had this down before getting Covid in Jan. Then there were some Update bugs, then I spent all my time trying to get around the 10/10000 bug with my Alpha and Bravo. Now I am back to flying and I must be missing something I was doing right before.

Thanks for your feedback.

I don’t know if this is a factor in this case, but I only fly in VR mode. This has been true for about 2-3 months now. I don’t recall exactly how long this has been a problem, so I can’t say for sure if it started the same time I started to use VR.

During cruise and early descent I typically am running autopilot, using navigation, speed, and altitude hold. As soon as the glide slope diamond appears and begins to slide down, I select approach mode. In the past, as soon as the diamond indicates the need to descend the plane would visibly tilt down a bit and continue this until I turn off autopilot just prior to landing. The problem is that now the plane never recognizes the fact that the diamond is indicating the need to descend. I need to do that manually.

It can (incorrectly) happen that if you arm the approach mode very early and the AP doesn’t immediately switch from the white armed to the green captured indication, that it doesn’t capture at all.

In this case I suggest you press LOC again and as soon as it turns green APR. That should fix it.

Is there any visual indication that it is or is not going to capture? It’s very frustrating to never know whether an approach will work or not (I’ve found it very inconsistent, across a variety of planes and airports; mostly ILS approaches, also some RNAV).

Note that if it doesn’t work, then I’ll be above the glidescope and it’s now impossible to capture it from below without first manually descending. Is this the correct procedure?

Which aircraft?

On most aircraft the e.g. GS armed indication is white and if it captures it turns green.

If it doesn’t capture and drops below the center you could switch to vertical speed and enter a high vertical speed, e.g. -1000ft/min to re-intercept the GS from above.

The problem is, that since it didn’t capture on the first attempt, there’s no reason why it should capture now.
You have to recycle the LOC and/or APR button.

If you are quick and you notice that the AP isn’t going to capture the GS, it might still be able to capture from slightly above if you are quick with cycling APR.

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Aircraft include:

  • C172 (G1000)
  • TBM 930 (G3000)
  • Citation Longitude (G3000/G5000)
  • Airbus A320 Neo
  • Boeing 787
  • CRJ 700

I’ve never used the LOC button for any purpose, but I’ve cycled the APR/APPR/APP button many times on many occasions and it’s never helped.

What specifically changes in the autopilot’s behavior when you cycle the modes that could cause it to work again? Is using LOC specifically the key? Or should cycling APPR on and off work?

Just checked with the TBM and it captures the GS from above as well.
Capture is indicated by switching from white to green.
On the TBM there’s no LOC button, it’s NAV to arm the Localizer mode.

That’s an MSFS bug I’ve discovered during testing.
If both, LOC and GS were armed and out of range to capture the localizer immediately, the TBM didn’t intercept anything. It simply continued in HDG and ALT.

Once I was closer to the centerline and I pushed either NAV or APR and the LOC immediately turned green, the GS intercept worked as well.

Apart from the CRJ (which I don’t have), the APR mode works on all of the above aircraft on my install.