Glider Launches not working

I cannot launch in any method. Works with Kinetic Assistant but otherwise, I spawn without the guy holding my wing and wiggling rudder has no effect in all launch methods. That’s regardless if Kinetic Assistant is running in the background or not. What am I doing wrong?


I found 4 airports in my community folder breaking glider launches. Weird but at least it’s working now

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Can you share which airports you found that break glider launches?

I have the same issue. I’m not sure which airfields are the culprit. Any tips on how to find them?

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Which airfields are you trying to take off from ?

Oh it doesn’t matter which airfield I’m on. The launch doesn’t work because the guy that assist by holding the wings doesn’t spawn.

This is caused by wrong ground services configuration (not following SDK guidelines) at some third party airports, which break the whole ground system globally. Even marketplace addons are affected not only addons from external shops. Take a look here as you need to find the ones you own and either uninstall them or correct them manually.

Some of the airports were already corrected after the past updates but other are still faulty nowadays.


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Thanks. I’ll check that out!

Could you try airfield 6FL0 with LS8 ?. I have no issue, moving the rudder triggers the launch.

If I clear my community folder it works everywhere. But as soon as I put all my sceneries back in the community folder it won’t work anywhere. So there is one ore more corrupted airports. I don’t know how to find it except my trial and error. Which is going to take a long time.

Are you using a 3rd party application to manage your community addons like addons linker ? If you have a lot of addons it is very useful, you can enable/disable them in few clicks. So let’s say you have 100 addons, disable the 1st 50 and check if issue is still there. If not that means the culprit(s) is/are among those 1st 50 ones. Then repeat the operation with those 1st 50 ones, dividing them in 2 groups of 25, etc…

Yeah I’m using AddonLinker. I’ll try your suggestion.

Thank you!

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Alright. So after a lot of loading and testing I found my culprits (Addons from


From Africa To Go 1.8:


NZKM —> Fixed with version 0.2

I also sent messages to the authors on to see if they could adress the issues.

Just in case someone else has similar issues.

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YCBN has just been fixed too. In case anyone is interested!

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