Glider, sailplane, soaring, please!

I don’t know if it is the right thing to do, but this is what I have changed for 582sl:

In model.cfg I changed that part:


by that part:

Yes, I removed the “interior=” reference
But therefore the exterior view looks weird because you can’t see the upper part of the wing.
If you only change this, the model works in VR without CTD but you don’t have gauge.

Then I applied the change provided by thealx2901 on panel.cfg and gauges were back in VR. I still have the problem with the upper wing not being correctly rendered from outside view.

It is better to ask someone who knows about all those things because I have absolutely no clue on how it works…

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And to be more in the topic: I tried to shut down the engine and do some ridge soaring with the 582sl but I had a very very bad glide ratio…

Glide ratio or (L/D)max is set to 20. Do you know the real world value? The main parameter for (L/D)max is
drag_coef_zero_lift = 0.390 ;
A lower value gives better (L/D)max. But normally you shall change other parameters, too.

I will ask a friend who owns one…

Any more news to share about the soaring weather improvements ,.

FB group MS gliders are gotting some models rady all we need now is propper thermals .

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Alexander Schleicher AS 33 Me now available to download.

It is still in Beta development but we are working on updates right now.


Thanks for posting it @MADolo7573, gonna try it out… :+1:

Let’s crosslink, put some votes here too… it’s over 150 now… let’s get soaring… upward lift…


(auto timestamped, just press play)

Really wondering who is the partner they choosed, the ‘‘folks that know everything about gliders’’ :smiley:

They maybe gonna announce it in the next Q&A.

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There are good and bad news: Good that Gliders have started, bad that the date shifted from “2021-22” to “2022”.

By the way: the community DG808S and Ka6E sailplanes are good quality. For me there is no need for better glider - from Asobo at least. But there is need for better glider weather conditions. Or Alex Marko enhances his “Kinetic assistant” with automatic located thermals. “Planting” the thermals by hand is not satisfying for me.
See MSFS 2020 sailplane for DG808S and Ka6E.
See Kinetic Assistant - Touching Cloud [OFFICIAL MOD PAGE] for Kinetic assistant


Yes the only thing natively possible is still: ridge soaring.

If half of the people here would vote for this: Thermals, Up&Downdrafts - Realism update needed!

We could push this glider essential topic upwards in the priority list.
There is a good chance we could get up&down draft and thermal improvements way before an official glider release, as this was promised from Asobo a year ago.

As Paul said, the community gliders are already on a very good level, we only need to rid of the sim feature limitations from MSFS, so everybody (uncle, grandmother, father…) please leave a vote :slight_smile:


Well done Homie… you found the detail info once again.

Sim glider development is such a niche topic the only partner I can think of who “knows everything about gliders” would be Condor - obviously that would be great news.

Aerosoft have developed a few gliders but AFAIK they’ve relied on my code for the soaring instruments so their glider expertise seems more modelling to me. I guess the flight performance is particular for gliders but that’s more a case of using the appropriate values in flight_model.cfg rather than glider-specific development. I’d be happy to be proved wrong if Aerosoft have upped their glider knowledge with their recent own-brand sim.

If a sim glider is [model] + [flight model] + [custom programming for instruments and controls] how many developers are actually doing the 3rd part?


alex has an automatic thermal placement last I checked, via world thermal database, not perfect, but easy.

I have been absent in the sim world of late, been busy in the R/C world building models. sounds like progress Ian, but I was hope that entity that “knows everything about gliders” especially related to simulation, was you.
yes it is worrisome if they think Aerosoft is that entity but likely as not it is, given the Euro proximity.
pretty models aside, I have found their flight models to be mediocre to fair, and in my opinion the weather is the largest issue within the sim environment. Let’s hope B-21 gets involved for the instrumentation at least, and perhaps flight modeling.

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Guess it’s a waste of time to ask for the old Austrian Alpine Soaring Course mission to be redone … I wanna beat my 58 minutes but in MSFS2020 and with added multiplayer would be even better

I could do that, is it the one that was included in FSX? I’ve done several soaring “missions” as Bush trips in MSFS. But it would be more realistic if Alex did one with his add on.

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Brilliant idea! It will be perfect race event for next DG808S update, so some may have tears of nostalgia :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I would like to see a default Sailplane in this sim like they had with Schweitzer S-23 in all the previous sims, but since Asobo is european,we’ll probably get one from a german or swiss manufacturer of sailplanes.I also want the option to for realistic towing function that the previous sims lacked instead of just having to use the slew mode to lift up your plane.