Glider, sailplane, soaring, please!

yes, the DG808s. Are they different?

They are brought over from FSX by different persons with some different characteristics, I have compare the .FLT files. Touching Cloud version is an easy download with a one click install if it makes a difference, i have been flying that one for some days, not entirely perfect of course as there are issues with porting over planes from FSX.

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Yes I found one yesterday - not sure if it was your version - instruments didn’t work until I fiddled with folders and looked up calls from config files - working now. It is a good glider and a nice ‘start’ Behaves acceptably in current flight model. If they don’t make a decent winch simulation or allow aerotowing (that would be great since multiplayer is so well implemented) then we could revert to the ‘secret silent engine’ that someone tried back in FS( and which I added to various gliders) - just power up to a reasonable winch launch height and kill motor for rest of flight. (I also found a converted DH 82 Tiger Moth and a P51 racer - both working well, just like the Edgley Optica I added a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, this is correct, they look the same. The difference is in the flight model. They behave different. Example: A Volkswagen Golf can have a 75 horse power engine or a 200 horse power engine and both cars LOOK quite the same.

The Touching Cloud DG808S and my latest DG808S both have the same fine instruments from B21 (Ian Lewis). Maybe somebody else distributes DG808S conversions - or you have an older version of my DG808S. Please try the latest versions. At the moment changes are still often.

I do not like the secret engine. We HAVE Kinetic Assistant. I think it makes more sense to improve the winch tool than having the non-realistic secret engine. But everybody as he/she wants …

it’s a slow job but we’ll have some instruments in the K6. Nothing fancy but better than an empty cockpit.


We HAVE Kinetic Assistant

it’s a bit unfinished, but soon.

So basically, I just cheat and use slew mode to get to a cliff side or create a destination airport that puts you in line towards a Runway at about 1000 feet
Thanks for the great model ,Paul. Flys great. There’s sound in the external view , should there be more sound inside the cockpit?

It is fancy! I can’t do it. I applaud.

This is a question to Alex.

please do publish links and announcements here for all to enjoy when ready.

I did a sorta soaring task using BMG and LNM. Has some interesting features.
Soaring task in French alps - Flying / World Discovery - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Has anybody information if and when Asobo will add realistic thermal lifts , created , moved and changed by real weather ?

As a glider pilot i enjoy the new possibilties of flying a lot- and kinetic assistant seems to be a great tool meanwhile . Thanks to averybody involved. Anyway i hope for progresses in simulating the atmosphere even more realistic inside the simulation.

in the last development video report they mentioned thermal air flow. but since IR-like heat maps was not shown, I can guess this is only planning improvement rather then ready-to-launch capability, or extremely simple script (that calculates temperature by azimuth/elevation of the sun and normal of this surface, for example).

At 21.january.2021 development update Asobo told: “planned 2021-22”. Nothing will happen before FS2020 is out for Microsoft Xbox (X and S). I assume after this release we have to wait 3 months to 9 months until “Glider, sailplane, soaring”. It will depend on the number of bugs Asobo creates with the Xbox game launch. I am positive. Asobo had the big bag of bugs with the PC game launch. I hope the Xbox game launch will sail smooth.

Who wants to build THIS glider… I would really want to try it out,

(the image originates from dkfindout - history of aicraft / Early gliders )

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I assume you all already know Condor2 soaring simulator :slight_smile:

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No. I have heard of this product, but I have not looked at it. I still use FSX + Aerosoft ASK21 + WinchX! + CumulusX! for “real” simulation soaring.

Condor is visually a bit dated but far closer to ‘real’ gliding than anything else…